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Manage your schedule wisely

Arranging meetings with clients can be time consuming, and when you add cancellations, re-scheduling phone calls and even different time zones to the mix, things can get really confusing.

That's why we've introduced the Membrain Meet, an easy to use scheduling service which allows you to invite your clients to pick a date and time to meet, that suits them best.  

With this feature enabled, you can allow people to request an appointment directly in a Public Calendar, via a shared webpage. This webpage shows your predefined available time to meet, but don't worry, your appointment details are kept private. 



Your clients can follow the link to Membrain Meet, where they can choose the duration they would like to meet with you, select their timezone and then see a calendar with your availability, without naturally seeing any of the details of your calendar. Membrain Meet will automatically only offer them the times that work for you, based on what you have predefined in your personal Membrain Meet settings.


  1. Go to My Settings from the Membrain Main Icon.
  2. Click on Membrain Meet and tick the Enable box
  3. The url is the address you can share with your clients, pop it into your email signature so its always on hand.
  4. Apply the settings that suit you best.  You can set available durations, how many slots to make available for each day, choose to automatically accept invitations or not and lots more.
  5. Additionally you can add "ways to meet" that can allow people to enter their phone number, ask for an online meeting or input the visiting address among other examples.
  6. Once you're happy with your settings, click save. The changes will be instantly live.