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The My Settings page is where you as a Membrain user can tweak and change your personal settings in Membrain, connect your email accounts, setup Membrain Meet and more. See below for a summary of what you can do in this view.

My Settings is found at the bottom of the main Membrain by clicking on your profile picture.



Under this header you can update the email adress associated to your Membrain account and change your password. How strict the password has to be or how often it has to be renewed is controlled by the Administrator(s) of your Membrain instance.


User Interface

Here you can set some options to personalize your account, such as:

  • Choose your Start Page, this is the page you want to see first when you log into Membrain.
  • Select which language you want the interface to be in, currently Membrain comes in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Italien, French, Dutch and Swedish.
  • Change the time format to suit you, options are 12 or 24 hour clock.
  • Choose the currency you would like to view your account in. Administrators can add currencies as required. You can also choose to show all sales project values converted to this currency, if required by checking the box "Show all sales project values converted to this currency"



There are many ways in which you can configure email for use with Membrain to give you extra capabilities. For a full description of your options and how to set these up, read this article Getting started with email in Membrain



Here you can change your Membrain Sales calendar settings.

  • Select your timezone from the dropdown list.
  • Define your normal working hours, eg. 9am - 5pm.
  • Define your week view as you would like to see it in the calendar, eg. Mon - Fri or Mon - Sun.
  • Set defaults for appointment duration, reminders and task importance.
  • Choose which holiday dates apply to you to show in your Calendar.


Membrain Meet 

Membrain Meet allows your contact to book a meeting directly in your calendar, via a url that you provide. Contacts will only see your free/busy time and can book a time that suits you both, regardless of their timezone. 

For more information about the options available in Membrain Meet, read this article Membrain Meet.



Here you can choose which type of information you want Membrain to email you about. You can receive a daily or weekly summary for your own personal achievements and upcoming events, or if your permissions allow, you can choose to receive a summary about the whole team.  



This section allows you to add and configure integrations between Membrain and other software such as: