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Creating and Managing Labels

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In Membrain - labels can be used to separate and segment companies and contacts.

Start by creating your label categories.
For example: you may choose to create a category called Prospecting with a number of labels you can assign to different types of prospects, such as disqualified, partner prospect and client prospect.

Create labels

Main Membrain Icon - Admin - Labels

This brings you to the Label management area of Membrain, where you can add, delete or edit your list of labels.

Click on the New Label Category button in the black toolbar and add the name of the category you wish to have
e.g: Prospecting

When you have created all categories
click on New Label to start adding your labels
Enter the label name and select which category it should fall under in the drop down list
Select whether this label should apply for contacts or companies
Click Save

These labels will now be available for you to apply on the Company or Contact card.

Edit labels

Simply find the label you wish to edit, click into it and make the change.  Keep in mind that any changes made to labels will affect all labels which have already been assigned.

Delete labels

Find the label you want to delete, click into it and click delete.
Note:  It's important to note that once you delete a label that is currently in use, this label will be removed from the Company or Contact it is connected to


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