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Creating and Managing Activity Types

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Activity levels play a crucial role in all types of sales, particularly when you're prospecting.

Naturally, there are different types of activities that you want to track - whether it's emails, meetings booked or proposals sent to give you better insight into the amount of time and effort being spent on a particular Sales Project or Prospect. Activity Goals can also be applied to team members to help motivate and keep up the right level of activity for each opportunity.

Membrain comes pre-configured with some default activity types, which you can customize, or even add your own to match your methodology and your team's workflow.  Note that the activity types you enter will be used in both prospecting efforts (telephone calls, emails etc) as well as in the sales process (meetings, completing documents etc)

Admins can configure Activity Types from System Setup – Settings - Activity Types 

Create a New Activity Type
  1. Click on the New Activity icon 
  2. Enter the name of the activity you wish to create, for example, Exploration call, or onsite meeting.
  3. Choose an icon and color that represents the activity
  4. Click Save
  5. Your new activity will be added to the list of activities at the bottom of the page and also made available for the team to select when adding an activity into Membrain.

Setting up Default Activities

To make activity tracking even easier and more automated, you can use Membrain's functionality for Default Activity Types.  So rather than relying on each individual sales professional to remember to enter the correct type of activity each time, you can set up default activities, based on where in Membrain the activity is triggered.

For example, a phone call in a Prospecting Campaign will default to "Exploration Call" or an appointment in the 1st Stage of a Sales Project will always default to "First Meeting" automatically. Taking away an extra step for the Sales Professional, and helps them easily track their activities and work up to any goals that have been set for them on activity levels.

Visual Grid

There is also a visual grid of activities to help you plan out where and when you want your custom activity types to be assigned to as defaults. 

The top row outlines the main Activity Types there are - Appointment, Task, Notes, Email and Phone.  The side column outlines where these activities will be applied. You can drill right down not just to specific Sales Process, but also to the Stage where this custom activity applies. The main section of the grid is where you set your custom activity relating to these areas.