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OMG Integration - Setup

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Setting up the OMG Integration in Membrain allows you to access individual OMG assessment statistics within Membrain, and view them along side actual sales performance.


Its easy to set up the Integration by following the steps below: 
  1. From System Setup, scroll down to find the Integrations area. Here you will see the OMG Integrations app and clicking here will bring you into the setup.
  2. You will be prompted to enter your Objective Management Group API Key, which you will have received from OMG during the assessment process.

  3. Once entered, all the documents will be uploaded to Membrain, and available for you to view immediately.



Additional options

During the setup, there is the option to Map to a Membrain user, if some names don't exactly match up, for example.  
It is also possible to create a new Membrain user, right from this view.  This can be a useful time saving exercise when creating multiple users who have previously completed the OMG assessments.


To learn about the benefits of setting up the OMG Integration in Membrain, read this article here OMG Integration