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Why can't my new team member see everything?

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The scenario you might be experiencing here could be: "I've just created a new user for our team but when they log in, they don't see the options I want them to see in the menu. Why not?"

The reason your new team member might not be able to see areas of Membrain including the Sales Analysis, Win/Loss or maybe Company & Contact areas of Membrain is because the user accounts does not have the relevant permissions. Once you apply the permissions needed, they will get the correct access.

  1. Go to Main Membrain Icon - Admin - Manage User
  2. Find the user you wish to edit
  3. Hover over their user card, then click on the cogs icon that appears in the top right corner
  4. Select Change Permissions to edit


Saving this change will make this effect immediate, but any users belong to that group may need to log out and back in again to see the change.

Note! When allowing access to Companies and Contacts, it is recommend that you instruct your sales team to create prospects and sales projects with any clients that they are working with and looking to sell to. Any activities, notes or similar logged on a company card without being manually "related" to a sales project or a prospect will not count towards their activity metrics. In Membrain, activities need a context. That context is a specific sales process, or a prospecting campaign. This is what will help you build up valuable analysis data and insights for coaching your team.

To learn more about teams and permissions, read this article here.