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Adding Disqualified Reasons

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Creating a list of reasons why you might disqualify a prospect, and having them easily available to choose from is a great way to record and analyse the data in the future. 

Not all prospects in a Campaign will fit your qualification criteria and enter the pipeline as a qualified Sales Project.
They may not have a problem that you are able to resolve, the client may be too small or perhaps not have a suitable budget.  

Add Disqualified Reasons

Main Membrain icon - Admin - General Header - Prospects Header - Disqualified Reasons

  1. Click on +Add Disqualify Reason
  2. Enter the reason you would like to have available as an option when disqualifying a prospect
  3. Click save


Edit Disqualified Reasons

You can also merge reasons in your list without loosing any data that has historically been recorded for prospects

  1. Click on a reason in the list you would like to merge with another
  2. Click Merge
  3. Choose the option you would like to merge with from the drop down list 
  4. Click Merge


Additional uses

Recording these reasons also gives you the opportunity to deal with these disqualified prospects in clever ways, depending on their reason for disqualification.

Example - A prospect that has been disqualified due to the reason "Not Ready Now" could be brought back into your campaign in 12 months time, ready for you to try again.  

To learn how you can use automated events to manage disqualified prospects, read this article  Automated Events on Prospect Disqualification