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The Objective Management Group integration with Membrain is a powerful and informative feature that allows you to view individuals OMG assessment results directly within Membrain, along side their actual, real-time sales performance statistics, as analysed by Membrain.

Review results 

All relevant documentation from the assessments are stored in the Objective Management Group integration app, found in the Admin section of Membrain.
Here you have access to the People and their stats, as well as their individual assessment documents. So its all in one easy to find place for you to review all the reports, both for the individual sales person and also for the sales team overall.  


Personalize Coaching 

This information can be used to help you coach your team members at an individual level, reviewing their OMG results as well as their sales performance stats. These performance stats can also be seen simply by hovering over their image within a Sales Project they own, or in the Admin page under Users Lists.



A Membrain administrator can configure the OMG integration with a few simple steps. To learn more, read this article here Omg Integration - Setup

Objective Management Group

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