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Sales Inbox

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Prioritize your email

Email is one of the most powerful tools available to us as sales people today, but it can be time consuming sifting through your inbox in search of those really important emails that require your attention.

Membrains Sales Inbox (previously known as Priority Inbox) automatically identifies your important incoming messages and separates them out from everything else. By default, Sales Inbox splits your email into three sections: “Sales Projects,” “Prospects,” and “Other.”  Its almost like a personal assistant, helping you organize emails by priority and allowing you to focus your time where its needed most.

Email related to Sales Projects

Right at the top, highlighted in orange, you will see all incoming emails from stakeholders and decision makers from your current Sales Projects.   

Email related to Prospects

Next, highlighted in blue, you will see all of your emails from contacts within your current Prospecting Campaigns. 

All Other Email

Anything else, that is not deemed an important email address from either your sales projects or prospecting campaigns will appear below in a neutral color.

Additional benefits

Another benefit to using Sales Inbox is the ability to save incoming emails to Membrain.  Open the email from within Sales Inbox and click "Save to Membrain" to make sure your emails are saved to Membrain in the correct context. 

Some other options available are "create task" from the email itself, or "move" it to a sub-folder within your email client. 

And the option to create a new blank email, right there from the Sales Inbox widget is a handy shortcut.

Enabling Sales Inbox

To turn on Sales Inbox, go to My Settings -> Widgets ->  and tick Sales Inbox. You will then see a new icon appear in the top right corner of Membrain (along with tasks and calendar) which gives you access to Sales Inbox.  You can also pin it to the side of your screen for easy access and instant email notifications.

If you have any queries about using Sales Inbox, please let us know!  Send us an email at and we will be in touch!