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Logging notes and phone calls

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Keeping it short and sweet

Time isn't always on our side, but its still important to quickly record a telephone conversation, or make a brief note about something you've just discovered. 

The easiest way to do this is to use the Notes field, which can be found throughout Membrain.


Add Notes

Whether you’re adding the information to a Company, Contact, Prospect or Sales Project, scroll down to the Activity Stream until you see the “Enter Notes” box and start typing. Once done, click on “Activity Type” and pick the most appropriate type from the list. You can also add a participant that may be involved to link them to the activity.  


Record phone conversations

To save notes about a telephone conversation you've had, just click on the phone number of a contact and add the details in the notes box. Again, chose the right Activity Type that suits the call best.  You can either Save Activity or Save and Follow Up directly from here, which you can use to set a helpful reminder to contact them again in the future.


Make a phone call through Membrain

when working in Membrain it's obvious you want to optimize your workflow, so being able to make your phonecalls in the system is expected.

To achieve this however you will first need to have a sort of software installed on your computer which helps to connect the command from Membrain to call outwards, such as Voip, Efftel, Softonic, Skype once installed.

Efftel Softphone:

To make a call:

- Go to the contact in Membrain
- Click on the number you wish to dial
- A dialog will appear
- click call
this will connect you to the softphone you have installed on your PC and start dialing.

After hanging up from your call you can proceed as outlined above in this article to log notes of that call.

Note: If you are unsure whether there is a softonic phone installed on your PC do check with your manager or the IT dept. if there is one.


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