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Puzzle pieces, red flags and warning

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Visual indicators which help you prioritize your projects
In the sales processes editor, a number of rules can be applied by your administrator. These rules in turn trigger certain visual markers when a sales project is not on track. For example, a rule can be triggered if a step which requires information is not completed after a certain time frame, or if a stakeholder has not been identified. 

As soon as a rule is triggered, a visual marker is applied beside the step to warn you that an action is overdue.  
In the Pipeline view, sales projects with a visual marker are automatically moved to the top of the page to show you which projects are high priority and need action the most.

The 3 visual indicators that can be triggered are coaching advice (blue puzzle piece), red flags and warnings (yellow triangle with exclamation mark). 
  • Coaching advice is the first level and shows you that something needs to be addressed, even if it is not urgent yet. 
  • The next level is a red flag, where quick action is required to address the problem at hand.
  • The final level is the yellow warning – when this appears, there will also be a countdown clock of 14 days attached. In essence, if this happens you will have 14 days to address the problem or walk away from the opportunity. Note: Sales projects with warnings are not included in your forecast and are no longer included in your weighted pipeline.  After the 14 days is up, the sales project will be automatically archived.  But don't worry, it can be brought back into your pipeline at any time by reactivating the project.
How to apply rules
  • From the process editor, click on the step you want to apply the rule to.  
  • To the right, click to add details/tools
  • Choose Importance  
  • Move the importance slider up and down to decide how strong a warning it should be.  
  • You can edit the number of days within each warning to suit your needs. 
As always, if you're unsure about the best way for you to apply these rules please let us know.  Email and we will respond asap.