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Email setup within Membrain

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The Benefits

You can configure your settings to send email from within Membrain itself. Just click on an email address from anywhere in Membrain to compose a new mail, which will be automatically archived to the relevant Sales Project or Contact card in Membrain.  In addition, your sent mail will also be stored in your email client (e.g. Gmail or Outlook) under sent items, so its easy to keep track of all your correspondence, regardless of where you send it from.

If you choose to use Membrains native email client, you will also get some extra capabilities such as:

  • Create and share email templates with your colleagues, a big step towards ensuring communication with your clients is streamlined across the whole team.
  • Add these email templates right into your sales process as a step to save time, and make professional communications and follow ups with clients even easier.
  • Receive an alert from the Notification Center when someone reads your email or clicks on a link in your email.   

Membrains Sales Inbox

In addition, Membrains Sales Inbox can help you manage your mail more effectively and prioritize the important emails that you don't want to miss.  Read more about Membrain Sales Inbox

Getting Started

Using the wizard:
Setup is even easier now with the new Setup Wizard. You can find the wizard in two places in Membrain.  Up the top of your screen you may notice a blue toolbar with a "Try it!" button.  Clicking here will bring you through the Membrain Email and Sales Calendar configuration in just a few simple steps.  

If you don't see the blue toolbar, you can find the wizard by clicking on the Sales Inbox envelope icon up the top of your screen, beside your calendar and tasks widgets.  You may need to turn on the Sales Inbox widget in order to see this, and you can do this through My Settings from the main Membrain icon, and then selecting Widgets, where you can enable or disable the widgets you would like to use.  

Manual configuration:

If for some reason Membrain can't find what it needs to get going, you can input the information manually by completing these steps:

  • Start by clicking on the cog wheels at the bottom middle of the main menu, to navigate to "My Settings".
  • Click on "Send Mail". Select your Mail Client in the drop down list.
  • Using Gmail or Outlook:To continue using Gmail or Outlook as your email client while in Membrain, you simply need to choose which one you use, and click save.
  • Using Membrains email client:If you choose to use Membrain as your email client, you need to enter some details, as set out below.  If you're not sure about all the details required, your IT administrator will be able to provide these for you. An example of what it should look like is outlined below:

Send Mail:
Mail Client - Membrain
Username - your email address or username
Password - ********
SMTP Server - EG. OR
Port - 587

Receive Mail:
IMAP Server - EG. OR
Port - 993
Username - your email address or username
Password - *********

If you have any problems with enabling your email settings, please let us know!

Just click on the megaphone icon within Membrain or send an email to to log a ticket with our help desk team.