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Office 365 Calendar Sync

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Membrain supports two way syncing of Appointments with your Office 365 Calendar. Membrain does not currently sync Tasks, Contacts etc.

What is synced
Contents (MB) <-> Subject + Body (O365)
Location (MB) <-> Location (O365)
Start / End (MB) <-> Start / End (O365)
Participants (MB) -> Attendees (O365)
Recurrence (MB) -> Recurrence (O365)

What is not synced
Appointments older than 30 days are not synced.

Recurring appointments created in Office 365 are not synced due to different recurrence pattern support.

Some recurring appointments created in Membrain are not synced due to different recurrence pattern support.

Attendees added in Office 365 are currently not synced due to Office supporting attendees that are only identified with an e-mail address and Membrain requires a Name, Company and E-mail address.

HTML content from Body in Office 365 is converted to plain text in Membrain

Does the sync support Exchange
Yes, versions from Exchange 2010 are theoretically supported but the integration has only been tested with Office 365. If you enable the sync with another Exchange server we reserve the right to stop that sync at any time if your selected server exhibits poor performance or in other ways adversely effect the sync.