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Email Functionality

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Being able to work effectively and efficiently with email is a key component of any sales professional's work day. For this reason we've made a big update to the email experience within Membrain.

Among other things, now you can: 

  • Use Membrain to create a email template library to increase your productivity. Save templates for your own personal use, or share them with everyone to help align your sales and prospecting message throughout the team

  • Use email tracking to see when your message is read and also when a link has been followed or a document has been opened from your email

How do I get started?

Start using these capabilities by going into My Settings, which can be accessed from the main Membrain menu.

Read more about configuring Membrains email client here.

Once you've set Membrain as your email client, any time you click on an email address in Membrain you will pop up the new email dialogue which allows you to enable mail tracking, easily archive the email to Membrain as well as a nifty shortcut to include a link to Membrain Meet in an email to a client or prospect.


We'd love to hear what you think!  Email if you have any suggestions for improvement, or have any questions on how to use these features.