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What does the Zendesk integration do?

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Membrain is a specialized software to help sales professionals navigate and win in complex b2b sales. Well, one thing that can have a tremendous effect on on-going sales efforts or future business opportunities on existing clients is if they are happy, satisfied and more profitable when working with you instead of a competitor. It's definitely good as a sales person to be aware of if a client have a complicated or amazing relationship with your customer care or support team, so that you can adjust your approach accordingly when interacting with these clients in the hopes of going deeper or wider into their organization.

For this reason we have created an integration to Zendesk, tying together the best-of-breed solutions for sales and customer support.

This integration allows you to easily contacts in Zendesk by using contact and company labels in Membrain. To create a contact in Zendesk you can use labels such as "client", "partner" or similar in Membrain to automatically be aware of who is asking for help and help gather statistics in Zendesk using the company/organization data you already have in place in Membrain.

The Membrain-Zendesk connection also brings in the support tickets from Zendesk as "activities" in Membrain, giving sales people the insight into what if any support issues the client may be experiencing.

Who knows, your next big opportunity may well come from the team in your organization with the ear closest to your current customer base. With this integration this collaboration can be achieved seamlessly.