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Why aren't all my contacts synced between Hubspot and Membrain?

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In some ways, Hubspot and Membrain are very different. Where Hubspot primarily focuses on the contact as an individual, Membrain's B2B platform primarily looks at the company.

This affects mandatory fields for contacts. In Hubspot, an email address is the only field required when creating a contact, whereas Membrain requires the contact name as well as the company name that the contact is linked to before it can be created.

Due to these differences, you may find that not all contacts will sync successfully between the platforms first time round.

Some common questions

We have outlined some examples where you may not see the results you expect after you've synced contacts. To deal with these, try the suggestions below:

How do I find the contacts in Hubspot that haven't been synced over?

  1. Create a new smart list, name it "Ineligible for Membrain" or something similar.
  2. Add "list membership" criteria for all the smart lists you want to sync with Membrain, so you get all the contacts there
  3. Add the contact property of "not having" (or being empty) a company name
  4. Save

Now you have a list that you can reference at any time. This list will display all contacts the integration is not able to bring over to Membrain

How can I give my contacts a push so I'm sure they all make it?

The easiest way is to create a blank smart list in Hubspot. AFTER that list has been created, set up the parameters in Hubspot. That way, all the contacts have been updated after the integration started, looking at the list.

How do I find the contacts in Membrain that haven't been synced over to Hubspot?

Contacts without an email address in Membrain will not be synced over to Hubspot. To generate the lists of contacts lacking an email address, follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to the Company list from CRM area of Membrain
  2. Click on Filter and create a new filter.
  3. Name the filter, select labels in the list and then add the Company labels you are syncing over to Hubspot from Membrain. Save
  4. Go to the Contacts list from the CRM area of Membrain and follow the same instructions as above, but add the Contact (rather than the Company) labels you are syncing over to Hubspot from Membrain. Save
  5. You can add the email addresses that you do have for select contacts from the list view - once added, the contacts will be synced at the next update.
  6. Now you have two lists that you can reference at any time. These lists will display all contacts the integration is not able to bring over to Hubspot.

View Sync Statistics

To get all the statistics on the integration and what is currently included in the sync - both the Hubspot lists and Membrain labels - select Admin in the main menu, click on the integrations tab and then click on Status for all details and graphs.




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