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One of our sales reps have left! What do I do?

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Well, in sales, this does happen. Let's go through how to best manage this without too much manual labour.


Starting off, the active sales projects the sales representative was working on need to be re-distributed. Since all the information about the sales project - what has been completed, what do we need to do next - is available in the opportunity, you won't need to use manual spread sheets in the handover process.

Select "sales projects" in the main menu and then click on the List tab.

In the top right drop down list ("Show Sales Projects"), select the name of the sales rep that just left. Then pick the right sales process in the options available at the top of the list. You're now looking at all active opportunities that need to be re-allocated.


Tick the box next to "Name" at the top left of the list and all will be marked.
At the bottom of the list, a "Change" button will appear. Click on it.
In the new window, tick the box next to "Owner" and pick the new person who will be managing the projects in the drop down list
Click on "Apply Changes".
And, you're done.


Tick the box next to each sales project that will be handed over to the first person in line
Click on the "Change" button that appears at the bottom of the list
Click on the box next to "Owner" and select the first person in the drop down, and then on "Apply Changes"
Follow the above steps until all sales projects have been allocated to new people


The person who just left will likely have a number of prospects he/she was pre-qualiffying before moving them into the pipeline. These can be handed over to other persons in exactly the same way as for sales projects.

Select "Prospects" in the main menu and then click on the List tab. Follow the steps outlined above to re-distribute the prospects to one or more people in the team.


Ok - you've allocated the prospects and opportunities. Good. But how do we manage all the
operational bits and pieces the rep had planned - his or her tasks, appointments and follow-ups? Don't worry, there is a solution. Let's start with the appointments.


In the main menu, select "Calendar" and pick the name of the sales rep who's leaving in the drop down on the top right. Use the tabs at the top to look at a particular time period (day, week, month). What you need to do next is move this appointment over to the calendar of the person taking new ownership for the sales project or prospect.

Click on the appointment and hover over the organizer name until the pen and paper icon appears.
Click on the icon and pick the new person in the drop down list.
This item will now appear in his or her calendar.
Quick tip: If you can't remember who the new owner is when making these changes, hover over the sales project or prospect icon under "Related", just over "Participants", to see the initials of the new owner.

Continue moving the appointments over until all done.


As you've probably guessed, tasks can be moved over to a new owner in the same way as appointments. In the main menu, select "Tasks" and pick the name of the sales rep who's leaving in the drop down on the top right.

Start with the tasks on the "Current" tab before moving on to "Future". Open each task and change it to the new person in the Organizer drop down list, just as with appointments, until you're done with both the "Current" and "Future"tabs.


Here, we mean the follow ups that are entered for the prospects. For all prospects, as the next step you can either create a task, book an appointment or schedule a follow up - the place where you pick a date and add a note for what you're going to do on that date. These you actually don't need to change - they're tied to the prospect card, which in turn is tied to the owner of the prospect. Which you already changed. One less admin thing to complete.


If the sales representative who's leaving have account management responsibilities and you use the Company Card to track certain aspectsof this, you can quickly change the ownership for them via the list.

Select "Companies and Contacts" in the main menu, then pick the name of the rep who's leaving in the top right drop down list ("Show Companies"). Then you just change the ownership of the accounts to one or more persons in the team by following the same steps as for prospects and sales projects


Since the sales rep is leaving, he or she does not need a user license in Membrain anymore. To delete the license, you don't need to call us. Select Admin in the main menu, "Manage" under Users and click on delete. You then get a small dialogue where you can select to completely remove the contact, just mark that contact as somebody who is no longer with your company or simply remove the user license but leave their contact details intact as any other contact in Membrain.