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Working with the sales process

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Each company sales process is unique. You may have a sales cycle of several months, or a couple of weeks. You may need to involve a number of internal stakeholders and obtain approvals along the way. Regardless of what the process looks like, Membrain has been customized to support the way you want to manage your pipeline.

The sales process has two core components. The stages (normally between 3 and 5) and the steps you need to complete within each stage to move the opportunity to close.

After having created a sales project and selected which sales process you wish to follow, the sales process is made visible. Let's have a closer look on how you use the process to increase your win rate!

Stages and steps
Each stage will have a name that fits with your methodology. Under each stage there are a number of steps that need to be completed, listed vertically.

Steps and icons
Each step will require different things from the project owner. Certain steps are optional and require nothing more than ticking a box. Other steps may require you to answer a question in free text, identify the name of a stakeholder or register an activity. Depending on what information you need to enter, the icon for each step will be different (person for stakeholder, calendar icon for activity, document icon if a file needs to be uploaded etc)

Boxes below the sales process
In the left box, all the facts that you need to confirm as you work through the process are listed. This can include things such as what competitors you are facing in this opportunity and what solution the customer is currently using.

In the middle box, the people you need to identify are listed, which may be both internal and external. These may include Decision Maker, Gate Keeper, Influencer etc.

In the right box, the most important questions you need to identify are listed. For example, you may be asked "What are our potential weaknesses in this opportunity?" or "How will we elevate the problem we can solve to the decision maker's agenda?". You will need to provide answers to these questions in free text at certain points in the sales process.

Once all fields in the three boxes have been completed, they will turn green.

NOTE: The facts, people and questions you need to keep track of will be added throughout the steps in the sales process. In other words, you do not need to know all the answers straight away.  

Completing a step
Hover over the next step in the sales process. If added by your administrator, a short description of what you need to do to complete the step will be provided.

If the step is optional (simple checkbox), you just need to tick the box to complete the step and move to the next one. 

If you are required to take a specific action to complete the step, this will be visualized. For example, if you need to identify a stakeholder you need to add the name in the pop-up window; if you need to enter the time and date for a booked meeting, you need to create this activity; if you need to add a file the system will prompt you to upload a document, etc.

All actions taken when completing the steps in the sales process will automatically get logged as activities under your name. At the bottom of the screen, you can also review the log of everything that has happened for this sales project.

Dynamic Process (Membrain Performance & Excellence only)
Not all opportunities are alike and regardless of how good your process is, you may not complete all steps in the forecasted order and you may need to add additional tasks. To support this, Membrain offers a dynamic checklist which allows you to delete non-mandatory steps and add additional activities when needed.

Deleting an optional step
Simple tickboxes are optional and can be deleted. Hover to the right of the step and tick the icon with a circle and a cross to delete. Alternatively, hover over the step until the pop-up window appears and select "Skip this step" (blue text) to delete.

Adding a step
Steps can be added anywhere in the process.Hover to the right of the step you wish to add an activity after and tick the icon with a document and plus sign. In the new field, enter a short note on what you need to do next.

Set as next step
You may not always follow the process in chronological order. If you need to complete a step further along in the process first, hover over it and then select "Set as next step". This will now be highlighted as the next thing to take care of when you go into this opportunity next time.