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Sales Process - Rules

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So far, you have applied rules that trigger coaching advices, red flags and warnings for STEPS in the sales process. A red flag may pop up if a decision maker is not identified; a blue puzzle piece can be triggered if a document has not been uploaded.
The rules in this section will apply for the different STAGES, rather than the steps, in the sales process. For example, you may want to highligth deals that are stalling, so you can regain momentum before it is too late. 
Remember, you customize the rule set that suits your sales team.
Main menu – Admin – Sales process (blue text, middle of page) – Advanced tab (top of page)
Click on “Add Rule”
A number of boxes, with different options appear. 
See below for a few examples on how to use the different options to apply the rules of your choice.
Example 1 - Age
We want to flag all opportunities that do not proceed to the next step of the sales process within 60 days. We want a coaching advice after 45 days and a red flag after 60 days. This applies to all stages.

Add rule - select Age
Tick Applies to "All Stages" box
Drag the importance bar to mandatory
Edit the blue puzzle piece to 45 days and the red flag to 60 days

Example 2 - Stalled
We want to highlight opportunities that stall for more than 21 days in the final two stages of our sales process. We want a coaching advice to appear after 14 days and a red flag after 21 days

Add rule - select Stalled
Tick final two stages under "Applies to"
Edit the blue puzzle piece to 14 days and the red flag to 21 days