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Working with prospects

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In order to successfully reach your sales targets, you need to constantly add high probability opportunities to your pipeline. Membrain will keep track of all prospects and help you properly qualify each prospect before allocating time, money and resources to pursue a sales project. On average, a sales representative spends up to 65% more time on opportunities that do not close, in comparison to won deals. Let Membrain help you do the ground work at the start to improve your effectiveness.

Membrain - Prospects
For a 6 minute video covering the text below, please click on the "Video Tutorial" at the top-middle of the page (tool bar).

Similar to the sales project list, you can:

  • Use the quick filter (top right) to select what data you wish to see. 
  • Use the search function (just under the quick filter) to search for a particular prospect within the view
  • Configure the view by clicking on the cog icon to the right in the Name tab (up to 5 fields can be selected)
  • Use filters to show a select list of prospects
  • The list can be sorted on all the columns available; you can also use the "Sort by" option at the top of the page for this purpose

You can click to edit all values from the list view, without clicking on the prospect name (in blue text)

Your administrator may set up one or more prospecting campaigns, which will be available as selections next to the binoculars icon. For example, you may have one campaign for inbound leads and another to follow up on contacts you spoke to at a fare or event. Select either "All Campaigns" or one of the other options available in the drop down.

To ensure you have a good chance of winning the sales project, it needs to be qualified before entering the pipeline. Once a set of qualification criteria have been established, they will be made visible in the list. Hover over each icon to review each qualification criteria. 
Different qualifiers require different input information - for example, you may need to enter a number (number of employees, annual revenuew) or select one or more options from a list (such as what services and products they are interested in).
If a qualification criterion is met, it will turn green; if not, it will turn red.

Adding prospects
If you want to add an individual prospect, click on "New Prospect", located in the tool bar
If the company already exists in Membrain, select it in the drop down list. If the company does not exist, add it via the New Company drop down list option.
Select the correct prospecting campaign and then add the owner for this prospect.

If you want to add prospects in bulk from the Company list, you can! Navigate to "Companies and Contacts" in the main menu and tick the box of all companies you want to move into prospecting (quick tip: to add all the Companies, tick the box next to Name to mark them all). Click on the "Create Prospects" button that appear at the bottom of the list - select the right owner and campaign before hitting "Create".

Prospecting card
If you click on the name of the prospect, a prospecting card will slide in to the screen. 

Top left, you will see the company this prospect is tied to (blue text). Unless already entered, select the main prospect contact in the drop down list to the right. 
Current: what else is going on with this company (is someone else prospecting this client, do we have an active sales project for this client etc)
Activities: How many activities have we completed for this prospect in this particular campaign?
Campaign: What campaign does this prospect belong to? (select other campaign if not correct)
Category: What category does this prospect belong to (select other category if not correct) 
Owner: Who is responsible for this prospect?

Follow-up today!:
If you have a follow-up task scheduled for today, it will be highlighted here.  Reschedule this follow-up task for later today, tomorrow or a custom date and time in the future.  Or click Open Task to work with it now.

Note field:
Here you can enter notes during, or after, a conversation with a prospect

Schedule Next:
Once you have entered your notes, schedule your next activity so you don't forget to follow up. Click on the button and select one of the options available:

Book appointment:
If you successfully booked a meeting, click on book appointment and enter the time, date and location in your Membrain sales calendar

Create follow-up task:
If you need to complete a task before reconnecting with the prospect, click on this option. Set a date and time for when the task needs to be completed, mark it as important to have it show up as overdue in your task list, and add a note about what you need to do, including uploading a file to the task if required

Create Sales Project:
If all the qualifiers are green and this prospect is ready to be converted to an opportunity, select this option. A sales project will be created and you will automatically be taken to the opportunity view, where you can start working in line with your established sales process.

Disqualify Prospect:
If this prospect did not match your criteria for allowing it into your pipeline, select disqualify and add the reason in the drop down list presented. 

If you select appointment or follow-up task, the prospect will automatically be "snoozed" in the list until the time you have set for your next action and you can move on to your next prospect. All snoozed prospects will automatically have a faded apperance and be moved to the bottom of the list. When the next planned activity is set to take place, the faded appearance will be removed and it is again moved towards the top of the list. 

In the middle of the screen, you will find the qualifiers for this prospect - what questions do you need to ask to answer the qualifying questions and determine whether it is a good fit or not? Click on any one of the qualifiers to add or edit the content

Contact Details:
Here you have the complete contact details to both the company and contact for this particular prospect, including links to their social media profiles. Click on any of these fields to add or edit the content.


Activity Stream:
At the bottom of the page, all the activities are logged in chronological order. At the top you will see the next planned activity (task, follow up etc) and then all your notes, meetings, telephone calls etc will be logged.

To the right, you will find all the contacts available within the company and all the information you will find under the company.