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Story Stream

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In the story stream, you will be able to review all activities for prospects and sales projects in chronological order. This view also allows for email coaching and quick tracking of activities towards goals.

Main menu – Story Stream

First, select which user(s) you wish to look at by making the relevant selection in the drop down list (top right of screen). Next, you can select whether to show activities for sales projects, prospects, or both and apply a filter.

On the right side of your sceen, Membrain will provide a summary of the most important activities. For example, the number of sales projects created and a breakdown of how many sales projects each user has brought in to the pipeline. In addition, you can get a snap shot on how each user is tracking against the goals for key metrics.

On the left side, the activities for each prospect (binoculars icon) or sales project (wallet icon) will be listed in chronological order. Whether a phone call was made, a note was entered, or a red flag popped up, this will be listed. To go to the prospect card or sales project opportunity view, just click on the name.

If you want to ask the owner a question, or give some coaching advice, just click on “Comment” next to the activity and write your note. This comment will automatically be sent as an email to the owner.