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Sales Process - Automated Events

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To streamline workflows for the sales people, you can utilize Membrain’s powerful event automation tools. Would you like to automatically send an email to management when a sales project has been won or lost? How about assigning a task to another person in the team after a certain milestone in the sales process has been completed? Great, this can all be set up in this view.
Main menu – Admin – sales process (blue text, middle of page) – Events tab (top of page)
Click on Add button
You will be given a list of events and actions to apply. Please see below for a few examples on how to combine the two to automate manual tasks:
Example 1
Our regional sales manager has a team of 6 sales representatives. This person wants to receive an email every time a red flag pops up for a sales project. The email should also be sent to the sales operations manager.
Event: Red flag
Action: Send Mail
Add the email addresses of regional sales manager and sales operations manager in recipients field
Add a text to the email. For example:
“This sales project has received a red flag. Please review and advise sales representative of best course of action”
Select whether this action should be triggered for red flags in all stages of the sales process, or just a select few. 
Click save
Example 2
Even though we may not win every sales project that enters the pipeline, we do not want to lose out on future opportunities. For our “New Sales” sales process, we want to apply a rule that:
Automatically puts the company back into our prospecting campaign
Only proceeds with adding the company to a prospecting campaignwhen the following reasons for losing the deal applies:
Client did not have time/money/resources
Client not reachable
Reminds the sales rep who managed the opportunity to call them back in 4 months.
Event: Sales Project Archived
Action: Create Prospect
Select “New Sales” in the process drop down list
Add a note around this if suitable (this note will be viewed by the sales representative)
Follow up in: 120 days (4 months)
Applies to archived reason: 
Client did not have time/money/resources
Client not reachable