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Prospect Lists

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While Membrain's prospecting tool is focused on qualification and quality, we understand that prospecting is also driven by numbers and activity levels. As such, your company may have huge lists of prospects separated into different campaigns. In this section we'll go through a couple of really smart things you can do with these lists, to help minimize manual work and improve workflows.

Quick selection, filters and search
As covered in Membrain basics, you can utilize the quick selection (top right) to view only the prospects managed by a particular person or team. You can also use the filter selections to look at a particular prospecting campaign and sort the list by different parameters. Finally, the search function (located under the quick selection) can be used to locate a particular prospect in the list.  

Click to edit
In the list view, you can click to edit any information visible on the screen. Just click on the item you wish to edit (for example, category or owner) and change the information right then and there. Note that you can view up to 5 different columns at one time in this view. To change the columns displayed on the screen, click the cog icon (configure) in the Name box to make a new selection.

Batch Changes
Once you have filtered the list to view the set of prospects you are after, Membrain provides tools that allow you to make changes in bulk. Start by ticking the boxes next to the companies that you want to edit. If you want to select all companies in the list, tick the box next to Name at the top left.

So, what batch changes can you apply?

1. Claim
If you want to claim a number of prospects, click on the Claim button button that appears at the bottom of the list after the prospects have been selected and then confirm. Note that this function is in place for when you want to claim prospects for yourself. If you want to assign a list of prospects to one or more end users, use the Assign option (covered below)

2. Disqualify
If you have a list of prospects that do not fit your qualification criteria for being converted to sales projects that enter the pipeline, you can disqualify these with a few clicks. After selecting the prospects, click on the Disqualify button that appears at the bottom of the list. Select the reason for disqualification in the drop down and then click Disqualify.

NOTE: This function should only be used when the SAME disqualified reason can be applied for all selected prospects. If you have a list of prospects where different reasons for disqualification need to be noted, divide these into groups based on the reasons for disqualification. Then proceed with disqualifying them as instructed above group by group. 

3. Assign
If you need to assign a list of prospects to one or more end users, use this function. After selecting the prospects, click on the Assign button that appears at the bottom of the list. Select the person/s that will take ownership of the prospects in the left hand box and then click Assign.

NOTE: This function can be used for assigning leads to either one person, or many. If one person is selected from the list, all prospects will be assigned to this person. If two or more people are selected, the prospects selected will be assigned to the selected users in a round robin fashion.
4. Change
If you want to apply one or more changes to a selection of prospects, this function can be used. At the base level, you can:

  • Change the prospect owner from one person to another (note that you can only select one new owner with this option - the round robin option covered under Assign is not available here)
  • Move the prospect from one campaign to another. For example, this option can be used if you have a number of prospects currently residing in your "inbound leads" campaign that you want to move to your "direct sales" campaign
In addition to the base fields, you can also change the category for the selected prospects, as well as the input for the qualifiers in this campaign. To apply the changes, tick the Change box next to the base field, category or qualifier and select the new value on the right.

5. Delete
Sometimes you need to delete prospects. Perhaps they were incorrectly added to the campaign from the company list, or perhaps you have decided to not actively pursue and qualify a certain selection of companies. Regardless of the reason, you can delete a large number of prospects with a few clicks, rather than doing it manually one by one.

After selecting the prospects to be deleted, click on the Delete button that appears at the bottom of the list and confirm.