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Companies & Contact lists

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In Membrain, the companies and contacts imported are accessible via the Companies & Contacts option in the main menu. In this section we'll go through a couple of really smart things you can do with these lists to help minimize manual work and improve workflows.

Quick Selection, filters and search
As covered in Membrain basics, you can utilize the quick selection (top right) to view only the companies managed by a particular person or team. You can also use the filter and label selections to filter the list further. Finally the search function (located under the quick selection) can be used to locate a particular company or contact in the list.  

Click to edit
In the list view, you can click to edit any information visible on the screen. Just click on the item you wish to edit (for example, industry or telephone number) and change the information right then and there. Note that you can view up to 5 different columns at one time in this view. To change the columns displayed on the screen, click the cog icon (configure) in the Name box to make a new selection.

Batch Changes
Once you have filtered the list to view the companies/contacts you are after, Membrain provides tools that allow you to make changes in bulk. Start by ticking the boxes next to the companies that you want to edit. If you want to select all companies in the list, tick the box next to Name at the top left.

So, what batch changes can you apply?

1. Create Prospects
With a few clicks, you can add a list of companies to a prospecting campaign and assign an owner to manage them. Once the companies have been selected, click on the Create Prospects button that appears at the bottom of the list. Select which prospecting campaign they are to be managed in, assign an owner in the drop down list and press save.

2. Change
If you have a list of companies with similar characteristics - for example, they are all in the same industry or located in the same country - you can add this information to all companies with a few clicks. You can also use this function to assign a particular account manager to the companies selected. Finally, you can use this function to add and change labels for a selected list of companies.

Once the companies have been selected, click on the Change button that appears at the bottom of the list. Tick the box next to the field you want to apply changes for and then add the correct information. Depending on the field type, you may need to enter in free text or make a selection from drop down list).

3. Delete
Rather than deleting companies from your data base one by one, use this function to delete companies and contacts in bulk. Once the companies have been selected, click on the Delete button that appears at the bottom of the list and confirm.