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Managing email & Membrain

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Emails. The word alone causes mixed emotions, ranging from frustration to joy. Ok, maybe not joy. Regardless, it's an integral part of any professional's day to day and naturally Membrain offers a few different ways to ensure your emails are filed away correctly in the system.

1. Filing your emails in Membrain
When you email a contact in the system, you want to ensure this email is filed away at the right place, so it is logged as an activity and can be found at a later time. However, you also want the email filed away at the right place.

If you click on an email address in Membrain to send an email, this will automatically be logged under the contact card, the company this contact is filed under, any sales project the contact is a stakeholder in and any prospect the contact is a registered contact under.
Should the contact be registered in a large number of companies, prospects and sales project, Membrain will ask you to select for which ones you want this particular email filed under. In this case, Membrain will automatically create a task in your task list - by clicking on it, you will be able to add and delete the particular places you wish for it to be filed in the "Related" field on the right.
All emails are logged as an activity in the activity story stream.

If you email a contact without first clicking on the email address within Membrain (e.g if you compose a new email in your mail client), you must enter your company specific Membrain archive email address (typically in the BCC: field to ensure it gets logged correctly in Membrain. Membrain will still create a task if the contact is registered under multiple companies, prospects and sales projects when the BCC option is utilized.

2. How do I manage replies to emails?
When a contact replies to your email, this is not automatically filed in Membrain, unless you reply to them and add in the BCC: field. In the cases where you do not reply, but still want to log the contact's email to you, just cut and paste the text into the relevant places in Membrain.