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Prospecting Campaigns

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Prospecting is the engine that drives a healthy pipeline; and it's no longer all about cold calling. Nowadays, leads are generated through inbound marketing campaigns, via social media networks and a number of other channels.

Regardless of how your company generates leads and prospects, they need to be properly qualified to ensure your pipeline is free from poor quality opportunities. By avoiding low-probability deals at the very beginning, you'll free up time to focus on active opportunities that you have a high chance of closing.

Membrain's prospecting module will help you keep track of all your prospects and maintain the activity levels required to convert them to opportunities. Crucially, it will also provide guidance on what questions you need to ask your prospect to determine whether it is a good fit that matches your opportunity definition.
Prospecting - Overview
In the Membrain main menu, select Prospects (binoculars icon)

Prospects and Story Stream tabs
In the prospect tab, all prospects are presented in list format. The story stream tab provides a log of all activities, in chronological order, just as for sales projects.

Quick Filter
Similar to the dashboard view, you can use the quick filter to select whose prospects you wish to review.

In the toolbar, you have the ability to add a new prospect to a particular campaign. You can also add in bulk via the add from selection option. Finally, you can export data from this view to Excel and there is a video tutorial (around 6 minutes) that covers how to use this view as an end user.

Next to the binoculars icon, you can select whether you want to look at prospects in a particular prospecting campaign (such as inbound leads, event follow up etc). You can also apply filters and sort the list via the two other drop downs (bold text) available, similar to the sales projects list view.

All prospects are available in the list - similar to the sales project list view, you can click on the cog icon to select up to 5 different columns to review and click to edit.

In each prospecting campaign, a number of qualifiers have been created. For each prospect, a number of criteria need to be met before they can be converted to an opportunity and enter the pipeline. For each qualifier, the prospect owner needs to enter some type of information and the system will advise whether this meets the qualifying criteria or not. If the criteria is met, the qualifier will turn green. If not met, it will turn red. For example, a prospect owner may need to enter a value or select an option from a list in order to address the qualifier.

Prospect Card 
When clicking on the prospect name in the list (blue text), a prospecting card will slide in. In the prospect card you will, among other things, find contact details, a field for entering notes, a tool to help you plan the next activity and the qualifying criteria which need to be addressed.

For further information on how to use prospecting, please see the video available within Membrain and the section "Working with Prospects"