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Membrain archived some of my sales projects, how can I bring them back?

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Don't worry - they can be resuscitated!

Finding the archived sales project(s) 
If the sales project was archived in the last 3 months, you will find them under the pipeline tab in the Active Pipeline view. Click on the archived handle bar to the right of your final sales process stage.  

If the sales project was archived more than 3 months ago, you can find it by selecting the "Archived"  filter. 
NOTE: If you have been using Membrain for quite a while, this filter may not have been available by default. To create the archived filter:

Click "New filter" (blue text)
Enter a name (such as "Archived")
Select whether this filter should be available for you or everyone
Add: Status
Select "Archived" from the list
Click "Ok"

Sales projects archived in the last 30 days can be reactivated and brought back to where you were before it was archived. Click on the sales project and then click on the "Reactivate" button.

Sales projects archived more than 30 days ago need to be restarted in order to enter the pipeline. Once you have located the sales project you wish to bring back, click on the sales project box and then click on "Start Over". Tick the relevant boxes in the dialogue box that opens up. Click on Start Over (yellow button) and you will automatically be taken to the opportunity view for the new sales project created, with the selected information registered.