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Winning, Archiving and Deleting Sales Projects

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Once a sales project is created, you will utilize the integrated sales process to move the opportunity forward. However, a sales project will not be in your pipeline forever - at some point you will either win or archive the opportunity. You may also need to delete a sales project if it was incorrectly entered. 

This section will cover how to register these events in Membrain.

Winning a Sales Project
First of all, well done! To mark a sales project as won, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on "Won Sales Project" - far left in tool bar
  2. Select the most appropriate reason for winning this sales project in the drop down list
  3. Enter a final value and closing date for the opportunity 
  4. Add a short summary of the sales project. What were the key factors for winning this opportunity?

Once entered, the status will be set to Won. You will also be provided with three options for further actions, namely:

Just in case you were too quick saying this opportunity was won - maybe you had a verbal agreement but then it got pushed back for 2 months - you can use "Reactivate". Practically, this will revert the sales project back to the way it was before you clicked on "Won".
Please note this option is available for 1 month from the time you marked the sales project as won.

Click on reactivate and then confirm.

Change Status
This option can be used if you wish to change something for a sales project that has been marked as won - for example, maybe you entered the wrong closing date and value, or the incorrect reason for winning the opportunity. Or, maybe you need to change the status to lost, if the sales project was marked as won but, for a variety of reasons, it turned out you did not get the business in the end.

Click on Change Status. If you want to change anything related to the won opportunity (won reason, final value, closing date), click here and edit the details in the dialogue box.

You can also use this function to change the status from won to lost (archived). To do so, click on Change Status and then Close Sales Project. Add the reason for losing the sales project, then enter final value and closing date for the opportunity

Create prospect
After winning a sales project, you may wish to add this client as a prospect. For example, if this was a new customer you may want to prospect this client for up-selling more products and services in a couple of months.
In this case, click on Create Prospect, then select the main contact, campaign and owner in the drop down lists provided.

Archiving a sales project
You can't win them all - to archive a sales project, follow the instructions below

  1. Click on "Archive Sales Project" - in tool bar
  2. Select most appropriate reason for archiving (losing) this sales project in the drop down list
  3. Enter final value and closing date for the opportunity 
  4. Add a short summary of the sales project

Once entered, the status will be set to Archived. You will also be provided with four options for further actions - reactivate, change status and create prospect is covered above. The fourth option is Start Over.

Start Over
This option can be used if you, for example, archived the opportunity and then the customer reconnects after a couple of weeks and want to talk again. In this case, you can bring over the most important information from the archived sales project and create a new one that enters the pipeline.

To do so, click on Start Over and tick the relevant boxes in the dialogue box that opens up. Click on Start Over (yellow button) and you will automatically be taken to the opportunity view for the new sales project created, with the selected information registered.

Deleting a Sales Project
NOTE: This option should ONLY be used if the opportunity was incorrectly added to the pipeline. It should NOT be used for opportunities that were lost/archived, as all data from won and lost opportunities are used to provide powerful insights in the win/loss analysis.

To delete a Sales Project from your pipeline

- Click More and at the bottom of the list choose Delete.

- Confirm by clicking the yellow Delete button.


Retrieving a deleted Sales Project

Should you accidentally  delete a Sales Project, not to worry you can retrieve it again by the following simple steps below.

- Go to Membrain logo
- Click Admin
- Click the System tab
- To the right handside you will see "deleted items", here you will get the list of deleted items
- Check the box beside the Sales Projects that was deleted, you will see the option to the bottom of the page to"Restore Selected"
- Click restore and ok

 Note: to accomplish this requires the assistance of an administrator.

Note: that you can access recently won and lost sales projects in the dashboard handle bars to take the above actions. Sales projects archived in the last 30 days can be reactivated, whereas sales projects archived more than 30 days ago need to be started over.

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