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Activity Management

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There are many ways activities can be stored in Membrain. You may choose to manage your appointments in the Membrain Sales Calendar; some steps in the sales process may include tasks that you need to complete as you are working through the project; or you may have a workflow where you create follow-up tasks as reminders for yourself.

Membrain will also suggest relationships for you to link these Activities to. For instance, if you create any activity in the calendar and connect it to a company, Membrain will highlight any prospects or sales projects that are active on that company. At this point, you can choose to accept or reject these at the click of a button. 
Within Sales Projects
Creating Appointments 
  • In the black toolbar at the top click on "Appointment" 
  • In the pop up window on the right hand side, add the Date and Time of when this appointment will occur
  • you have the option to add the Location of where this meeting will take place
  • Enter the details for the appointment in the main text field (Notes)
  • To be more specific about what type of appointment this is (e.g. meeting or Proposal..) just click on the "Set a type", and choose an activity type from the dropdown list.
  • The appointment will automatically be logged under the sales project and relevant company shown in the (Set Related) first drop down window on the left.
  • Double check that all the information is correct then,
  • Click create and this window will  save and close

  Click here to see how to add an appointment directly in your calendar view: 
Creating Follow-Up Tasks
  • In the black toolbar at the top, click on "Follow-Up Task" 
  • in the upper right of this dialog choose what "Activity Type" will this task be from the list.
  • Enter the details of the follow-up task you are scheduling under "Notes"
  • Choose the date and time to add a deadline. 
  • On the date of the follow-up,the task will be Orange and bold on your task list to indicate it's due on that date.
  • Click the "Assign to me" and you will be granted the possibility to assign to someone internally or a contact on that Sales Project.
  • If necessary you can also "Add who to follow-up with" on the this sales Project by choosing the correct person in the drop down list to the bottom left.

Within Prospects
Appointments and Follow-Up Tasks 
  • In the Prospect list view
  • click in the prospect name so the prospect card rolls out
  • Click the orange "Schedule Next" button to the right of the Prospect Card
  • Choose Book Appointment or Create Follow-Up Tasks, and follow the steps outlined above to create the activity.
  • Prospects with a scheduled activity for that day will be highlighted at the top under the Name of the Prospect on the Prospect card.  
  • To Reschedule a task click the "Reschedule" button located above the orange "schedule next" button and reschedule that activity to later today, tomorrow or to another time entirely. 
Within Companies & Contacts
Appointments and Tasks 
  • click on the company name you wish to create an activity on

  • In the black toolbar at the top click on "More" 
  • Choose "Create Appointment" or "Create Task", and follow the steps outlined above to create the activity.
Note: Remember when creating activities from Company or Contacts, you will need to manually associate the appointment or task to a relevant Sales Project or Prospect, where applicable.
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