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Using the Sales Project List

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As a sales manager, you need to monitor the pipeline and coach your sales representatives to ensure your forecasted targets are met.

To help you in this endeavour, Membrain provides three different views of the pipeline:

In the dashboard tab, the pipeline is visualized and you have an overview of where each opportunity is currently at in the sales process, as well as health indicators for each sales project.

In the story stream tab, you can review the log of everything that has happened in all sales projects, to ensure activity levels and momentum are maintained.

Which leaves us with the list tab. How can you use this view to manage your team more effectively? We'll cover this below:

Exports and reports
First of all, the list tab enables you to export pipeline data from Membrain to Excel. As additional tools to the list provided, filters allow you to review a certain segment of the active opportunities and the configure icon allows you to review up to 5 key components on the screen.
You can filter and segment the opportunities on screen by any column. Just click on the column you want to sort the data by and it will reload automatically.

Once you have created a list of sales projects you wish to export to Excel, you have two options.
  • If you only want to export the data visible on the screen, click on the icon with a document and arrow (bottom right corner)
  • If you want to add additional information to the report, click on the Export option in the toolbar. Add the relevant fields from the left column and then click export to obtain the information in Excel format

Batch changes
In the list view, you can also execute changes to sales projects in bulk, rather than manually updating them one by one. For example, if someone leaves the sales team you can reassign all open opportunities to another sales representative. You can also apply other changes to a number of sales projects with just a few clicks - such as amending the estimated closing date, or changing any information you capture in the left box of the sales project.

One of our sales representatives have left the company. The active opportunities need to be reassigned to a different person on the team. 

Pull up the relevant active opportunities for the person using the quick filter (top right) and the 3 options (bold text with dotted line under) situated just over the list.
Tick the box next to Name at the top left corner of the list.
Click on Change at the bottom of your screen.
Under Base Fields in the new window that opens up, tick the Change box next to owner.
In the drop down list, select the person who will be managing the sales projects going forward.
Click Apply Changes (yellow box at bottom of screen).