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HubSpot Integration - Setup

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Using the integration between Hubspot and Membrain is a powerful capability to align your marketing efforts with your sales.

Setting up the integration is straight forward, and step-by-step instructions below will help you get started.


Setting up the sync

  1. Go to System Setup from the profile picture (bottom left)
  2. Scroll down to the Integrations area and click on the Hubspot link
  3. Add your Hubspot API key
  4. Click through the blue links on the left hand-side to create the components needed for the integration to work.
  5. Click on "Add contact" list found on the right part of the screen under the header "Contact Lists to Prospects and Labels" to start selecting actual contacts should be brought over to Membrain, either just with a label on them, or to create Prospects that are ready for sales to start working with.
  6. Below that headline you have the "HubSpot to Membrain Field Mapping" headline. This is where you select which pieces of information you want to bring into Membrain from Hubspot.
  7. On each of these that you do add you can select if Hubspot is allowed to overwrite any information found in Membrain or not. This can be very helpful when wanting to sync numerical counters such as number of visits and similar information. Membrain also brings in some information by default, such as first and last name, company and so on. These are listed just below the header.
  8. You can also set up contacts to be brought back to Hubspot using labels in Membrain under the headline "Membrain Labels to HubSpot". There you can select any company or contact labels used in Membrain. Any contact or company with these labels in Membrain will be created or updated automatically to Hubspot. This can among other things be used to track companies marked as "clients" in Membrain for a newsletter list in Hubspot, but there is a lot of power here when used together with automated events in Membrain.

Common Problems

To read how to troubleshoot some common problems, read this article here