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HubSpot Integration - Setup

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Using the integration between Hubspot and Membrain is a powerful capability to align your marketing efforts with your sales.

Setting up the integration is quick and easy, and with the video guide and step-by-step instructions below to help you get started, you'll be up and running in no time.


Setting up the sync

Getting started with the Hubspot - Membrain integration is easier than you think. Watch this short video which walks you through how to set up the basics. Or follow the step by step guide for more detailed instructions.

And of course, if you would like any additional help or advice on what you can do with this integration, please reach out


Connect Membrain to Hubspot

  1. Go to System Setup from the profile picture (bottom left)
  2. Scroll down to the Integrations area and click on the Hubspot link
  3. Add your Hubspot API key and click save

Select Common Field Mappings

In this area, you can select which Custom Fields you would like to add to Membrain's Contacts Pages, which will then be populated with information from Hubspot, and vice versa, from Membrain to Hubspot.

Click create on the predefined options you would like to use in your Membrain account. You don't need to select them all at the moment... choose the ones that are important to you now, and add others to your setup later, as you need them.


Create Additional Field Mappings

Mapping additional custom fields allows you to configure which additional contact information will be synced from HubSpot into Membrain, or from Membrain to Hubspot.


Several fields are imported by default, specifically: Contact name, Company name, Contact e-mail address, HubSpot Lead Score and HubSpot Lead URL.

  1. Click Add Field Mapping
  2. Select the Membrain field (left) you want to map to the Hubspot field (right). Each time you add a mapping you can select if Hubspot is allowed to overwrite any information found in Membrain or not. This can be very helpful when wanting to sync numerical counters such as the number of visits and similar information.
When selecting fields to map, you must choose like for like. Eg. If you want to map a number field in Membrain (for example a phone number) you can only map that to a number field in Hubspot.

Contact Sync

This area is where you decide which contacts in which scenario you want to include in this two-way-sync. You can do this using Hubspot's Contact Lists or Membrain's Labels, as explained below.


Hubspot to Membrain

In this example, we are syncing all contacts in Hubspot who appear in a Hubspot list "Hot Leads", and will add them as prospects to the Campaign in Membrain called "New Prospecting Campaign.

  1. Click Add Contact List to select contacts you want to sync from Hubspot to Membrain.
  2. Select the Hubspot Contact list you want to include in the sync
  3. Select the Action you wish to happen when the contact list is synced (create Sales Project/Prospect or add label)
  4. Based on the Action you choose, select which Sales Process, Prospecting Campaign or label to apply.
  5. Assign a new Prospect or Sales Project to either an individual or to a team. When selecting a team to assign new leads to, they will be assigned to the members of that team in a round robin fashion, starting with a randomly selected user.
  6. Check or uncheck the box - Request Sync of All Contacts in Hubspot List.
    If checked Membrain will sync ALL existing contacts in this list, if left unchecked only contacts modified after saving this setting are synced. This is recommended to check the first time the sync runs so all historical contacts are included, not just new ones from this date forward.

Membrain to Hubspot

Similarly, we are syncing all the contacts in Membrain who have the Membrain label "Customer" and will create them as contacts in Hubspot, with the Membrain Label "Customer" applied.

  1. Click Add label to sync
  2. Select the Membrain Label you wish to use to sync contacts with this label to Hubspot
  3. Check or uncheck the box - Request Sync of All Membrain Contacts. If checked Membrain will sync all contacts in Membrain with ANY of your selected Labels, if left unchecked only contacts modified after saving this setting are synced. This is recommended to check the first time the sync runs so all historical contacts are included, not just new ones from this date forward.

Other ways to use Labels

You can also set up contacts to be brought back to Hubspot using labels in Membrain under the headline "Membrain Labels to HubSpot". There you can select any company or contact labels used in Membrain. Any contact or company with these labels in Membrain will be created or updated automatically to Hubspot. This can among other things be used to track companies marked as "clients" in Membrain for a newsletter list in Hubspot.

There is a lot of power here when used together with Automated Events in Membrain

Sync Status

A helpful area to check on the status of the sync and how each mapping is performing is the Status Area.

  • See when the sync ran last. By default, the sync runs every 3 minutes
  • Stop the sync at any time, and restart when ready
  • Or hover over a status chart that isn't running 100% and click through for more information on why contacts might not be synching.




This log can be useful for those with a more technical background. The log lists every event related to the sync in date order and can be very useful for analyzing or troubleshooting the sync.



Common Problems

To read how to troubleshoot some common problems, read this article here