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In this section, we will go through the company card information, as well as how to merge duplicate companies.

To locate any company, use the global search box or navigate to Companies & Contacts - Companies tab. Click on the company name to access the company card.

In the company card, a number of default fields will be available, such as:

  • Phone number / Mobile Phone / Email Address
  • Social media links (Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook)
  • General fields such as Country, region and industry

In addition to the default fields, any custom fields you have created for companies will also be available here.To the right, any labels that have been added to this company will be visible (you can also edit the labels assigned to the company in this view), as well as a note field.

Membrain will also display any current activities tied to this company - if the company is being actively pursued in a prospecting campaign or if there is an open sales project, this will be shown.
In addition, Membrain will also show the historical activities for this company. If a sales project was recently won or lost, or if they were disqualified as a prospect, this information will be displayed.

At the bottom of the company card, you will locate four tabs:

1. Activity
All activities logged for this particular company (emails, telephone calls etc) are visible here. In the tool bar located just over the activity log, you also have the ability to log a new activity or task for this company.

2. Contacts
Under this tab, you will see all contacts currently registered under this company. By clicking on the tab, you can quickly add a new contact, or view previous contacts at this company.

3. Addresses
In this tab you can review the visiting, delivery and billing addresses to the company. Click on an address to add or edit information.

4. Documents
Under this tab, all documents that have been uploaded to this company will be visible

In the tool bar at the top of the page, a a couple of quick options are available. New prospect allows you to add the company to a prospecting campaign and you can also create a new sales project for this company from this view. You can also delete the contact.

Finally, you can click the More option to complete the following actions:

  • Register a new appointment with this company
  • Add a new contact to the company

Merging companies (duplicates)
Under the More option, you are able to merge this company with another company in the system, in case you have duplicates. Select Merge with other Company and search for the account you wish to merge the company with in the drop down list on the right. Note the information provided on screen regarding what data will be overwritten etc, before finalizing by clicking on the Merge button.