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Learning a new system can be daunting, which is why we work incredibly hard to make Membrain as intuitive and easy to use as possible. To get you started, this section covers basic navigation and what you will find in the different views. If you experience anything that is unclear or cumbersome, please click on the megaphone button in the main menu and let us know!  

Main Menu
When logging in to the system, you will find a circle with the Membrain logo in the top left corner; this is the main menu. The options available in the menu will depend on which version of Membrain you are using and what user rights you have been granted. Below is a list of all options for users with full administrative rights working in Membrain Excellence.
Logically enough, this is where you manage and track your prospects, which need to be qualified before being converted to sales projects and subsequently entering the pipeline (Available in Performance and Excellence).
Sales Projects 
In this view you will access the dashboard, which provides an overview of all active sales projects in the pipeline. There is also a list tab available for batch changes and exporting reports to Excel, as well as a story stream that lists all activities in the different sales projects.
Membrain’s native calendar is available both via the main menu and the calendar widget. 
Companies and Contacts
While Membrain is far from a traditional CRM system, it still provides a data base of your companies and contacts. This view provides a list of the companies and contacts in two separate tabs. The lists can be filtered in a variety of ways, including labels that have been assigned to a company or contact.
Apart from standard information such as email, telephone number and address, you will also be able to access the information for any custom fields you create.
This option is only available for users with administrative privileges. Administrators are able to do a number of things in this view, such as add and edit existing prospecting campaigns and sales processes and apply system settings.
Sales Analysis
The sales analysis view provides statistics and trends for both prospecting and sales projects. Among other things, this view enables tracking of win rates, prospecting activities and how teams are performing against their sales targets.
Story Stream
The story stream displays the activity log for both prospects and sales projects. This view also includes functionality for remote email coaching.
Membrain’s native task manager is available both via the main menu and the calendar widget.
Win/Loss Analysis
The Win/Loss analysis view helps you identify why you win, and why you lose. A powerful view to learn how opportunities move through your sales process and pipeline.
Log out
On the bottom left of the main menu you will find the log out icon (gray, turns red when you hover over the icon)
The three cogs in the bottom middle of the main menu is your settings page. Here you can set up your mail mapping, calendar settings and select your Membrain start page after login.
By clicking on the Megaphone button, you can log a support ticket or provide feedback on the system to the Membrain team.
As you navigate between different views in the system, your 4 latest locations will be accessible with a simple click. The bread crumbs are made visible just to the right of the main menu at the top of your screen. The current view will be highlighted in bold text.

Global Search
At the top right side of the screen in all views, you can search for companies, contacts, sales projects and prospects. Just start typing and Membrain will provide the results. This can be used to check for double entries. You can also add a new contact, company, sales project or prospect directly via global search. Just click on the blue text (New…) in the search result list.