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Setting up the Sales Force integration

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First enter a username, password and security token for Membrain to use when authenticating with your SalesForce account.

Membrain Opportunity Page Component in SalesForce
To enable Membrain process overview on opportunities in your SalesForce UI please do the following:

1) Navigate to App Setup > Develop > Pages create a new page. Name it "Membrain" and copy the following code into the Visualforce Markup field. Save.

<apex:page standardController="Opportunity">
        <apex:iframe src="{ServerURL}Integration/SalesForce/?OpportunityId={!}&User={!$User.Email}" scrolling="true" id="membrainIFrame"/>

2) Navigate to Customize > Opportunities > Page Layouts. Select Edit on all Page Layouts where you want to include the Membrain Visualforce Page.

In the component selector at the top of the page select "Visualforce Pages", then drag a new "Section" into your Page Layout at desired location (at the top below the highlights panel is recommended), name it "Membrain".

Drag the "Membrain" Visualforce Page into your newly created Membrain Section.

Save and repeat for all opportunity page layouts.