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Common Questions and Problems

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It says that my API key isn't valid

We have seen some cases of long-time Hubspot customers having older API keys that don't work when added to new integration. If this is the case the intergration should notify you. To resolve this, please contact Hubspot support. If you are unsure of if this is what's happening or if there is something else going on, let us know and we'll figure this out together.

The integration is set up, but I don't get any (or just some) contacts over from Hubspot to Membrain

Membrain and Hubspot are like apples and oranges. Both tasty, but different from each other. While contact email adress is a required field in Hubspot, the company field is required in Membrain.

A common thing we have seen is that when adding a list of 500 contacts in Hubspot to Membrain, not all of them are synced over. The reason is usually because some of these are missing the company information that Membrain needs. 

To resolve this in the future, make sure to add a company field as a required field to any forms that helps drive sales-ready leads.

Resolving this historically is a bit more tedious but can be done in a relatively straight-forward matter of creating smart lists in Hubspot that lists all the contacts that are in lists that are synced over to Membrain but are lacking the company information. Doing the research on these contacts and manually adding the company information makes them ready for the Hubspot-Membrain sync and they should be brought over.

I get swamped by hundreds of prospects!

Hubspot is a great tool to help drive leads, but it's important to distinguish between when something is ready for sales, and when it's somebody who's is not quite there yet. 

If a lead is ready for sales to follow-up with, make sure to add "create prospect" to the action performed by the Hubspot-Membrain integration. 

If it's a contact who may become a lead in the future, and you want the sales people to be aware of them (in case - for instance - they call in and sales need to be able to find out who they are) make sure to select "add label" which syncs the company and contact information, and tags them with whatever label is relevant (attended Webinar X, downloaded Whitepaper Y, etc) but doesn't make them a prioritized prospect for sales to follow up with.