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Saving emails to Membrain from your email client

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Membrain has some great options available that help you manage your emails.

For example, if you have connected your email account to Membrain, when you click on an email address in Membrain to send an email, this email is automatically saved in the contact card, the company this contact belongs to, any sales project the contact is a stakeholder in and any prospect the contact is a registered contact with. 

Saving email via your email client 

But we also understand that sometimes it is easier and just makes sense to send or reply to an email directly from your own email client, like Outlook or Gmail.

In this scenario, you can use the BCC field in the email you send, and add what is known as your company's "archive email address" to the BCC field, which saves that email in Membrain. 

Doing this ensures that your email is recorded in Membrain and stored in the right place, as if you had sent it from within Membrain.

You must include your archive email address in the BCC field WHILE sending the email


How it works

First you need to determine what your archive email address is. This is the email address that you will add to the BCC field when sending an email, and is specific to your organization.

An example of the archive email address is:

The mycompany piece of this email address will be your "Membrain domain name".  You can find your Membrain domain name in the first part of the address in your browser when you are logged in to Membrain. EG.

Use this name and add it to to complete your archive email address, for use in the bcc field.



Send your email

  1. Compose your email in your email client (e.g. outlook or gmail etc.)
  2. Enter the senders email address in the To: field
  3. Enter your archive email address in the Bcc: field
  4. Click send

Your email will now be stored in all the correct places in Membrain.

This is how it would look using Microsoft outlook:




If you find your emails are not being saved as expected, confirm the following:

  1. Are you adding the archive email address into the BCC field? It will not work if you add it to the To or CC field.
  2. Are you adding the archive email address at the time of sending? Forwarding the email to the archive address after sending will not work as Membrain can't resolve where to save it correctly in this scenario.
  3. Do you have the correct email address for your contact? It must be the same email address that is registered for this contact in Membrain.
  4. Do you have the correct archive email address for your company? If you're having trouble finding out the correct address to BCC emails to, just let us know and we will advise.