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Adding and Editing Information

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In Membrain, there are a number of helpful ways that allow you to minimize data entry and move around Membrain smoothly. Just look out for these handy helpers throughout Membrain: 


Hover over pretty much anything to see more information without having to leave the view you are in. Just hover your mouse cursor over the name of a company, contact, sales project, prospect or activity to see a snapshot of the most important information tied to it.

Drop down lists 

In a number of Membrain views, drop-down lists are used to allow you to select which data you wish to view. Views may be restricted based on permissions granted. 

Bold text with dotted underline

Clicking on any text in bold with a dotted line underneath allows you to make a new selection or edit any information.

Blue text 

A few actions are available for anything in blue text:

  • Edit the information – hover over the icon until the pen and paper icon appears. Click on the icon to edit.

  • If you hover over a blue link, in most cases, a smaller window will pop up that gives you a snapshot summary of the most important information

  • If you click on the blue text, it will take you to a new location. 

Right Click

Right clicking in many areas of Membrain gives you an additional menu with extra functions available


If you are using a touch screen, you can use a swipe motion in some areas of Membrain. 

For example, Swipe left or right in Membrain Guide to dismiss an alert.