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Puzzle pieces and color coding in Membrain help to give you a visual overview of how healthy a Sales Project is at any given time.  

From your Pipeline view, you may see some Sales Projects which have turned a solid red color. If you do, you can take this as a strong indication that this Sales Project needs your attention asap!


What causes autoarchiving?

Learn how to enable or disable Autoarchiving. 

Autoarchiving is a personal choice for any organization to make, based on internal policy and team dynamics. If you choose to enable Autoarchiving, it can help ensure that only current and viable sales projects are in your pipeline. If Membrain sees that a sales project has been severely neglected, it will auto archive it for you, allowing you to focus on the more achievable projects. 

This is an incremental workflow, and warnings will appear gradually, based on the rules within your sales process that have previously been set up by your Membrain administrator. 

Ultimately, this warning triggers an Auto Archive workflow, which applies a countdown clock of 14 days before the Sales Project will be automatically archived.  

But don't panic! There are 3 ways you can deal with this warning:

1. Fix the problem

There can be many situations that set off this warning, based on your sales process. Have you ignored an important step in the process for too long? Omitted some mandatory information? Blue coaching advice and yellow flags may turn into red flags and activate the Auto-Archive workflow. Take the time now to go back through your process and ensure all of the important steps are completed.

Fixing the problem will take away the warning and set your Sales Project back to a healthy neutral color.

2. Postpone Auto-Archive

Perhaps things have stalled and you're just not sure what the next step is, you can ask your administrator to Postpone the Auto Archive (by clicking on the Postpone button to the right) and take the extra time to resolve the issue. The opportunity will still give a warning, and wont be included in your weighted pipeline, but you will have more time to get it back on track.  


3. Walk away

Choose to archive it now and walk away. You can't win 'em all, and sometimes its best to walk away from a project that may never close, and focus on your more obtainable projects. 

Once a project is archived you can bring it back as a Prospect, so you can keep all that important information and tackle it again when the time is right.

Help is at hand 

Membrain is all about coaching you through the process, and it will always try to help you keep your Sales Projects and Pipeline healthy. Nobody wants to get to the Auto Archive stage so there are many alerts and reminders along the way to let you know that something needs attention before it becomes a problem.

  • The visual color guides in your pipeline view, as described above
  • Membrain Guide will show you alerts from your sales projects, as they happen. Each notification will give you options such as change closing date, ask the coach, or even just the ability to remind me tomorrow or in a week.
  • The daily and weekly emails you receive from Membrain will also highlight Sales Projects that need your attention
Sales projects with warnings are not included in your forecast and are no longer included in your weighted pipeline


Enable/Disable AutoArchiving 

Autoarchiving is a setting which is enabled or disabled by your Membrain Administrator in Process Settings area of the Process Editor. Enable or disable Automatic Archiving by using the toggle button.