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In Membrain, a Stakeholder is a person who has been assigned a key role within a Sales Project. For example, the person that is the main decision maker for this project, or the person that is the main IT or Finance contact.  

Identifying the stakeholders (the people that fill these roles) of a Sales Project is an important step in mapping out who will be involved in the sales process, and may ultimately affect its outcome. Its often different from company to company. Perhaps one stakeholder will carry out two different roles in Company A, or maybe two stakeholders will play the same role with Company B.

And take it one step further and capture the Stakeholders Influence and Attitude towards this Sales Project. Learn how to do this by reading this article here

Adding Stakeholders

There are 3 places to add stakeholders to a Sales Project:

  • As a step in the Sales Process
  • In the Stakeholders Box
  • In the Activity Stream

As a step in the Sales Process

Your sales process maps out every step you take in a project life-cycle.  So it makes sense that identifying and recording stakeholders will be an important step in this process.

Helpful information, questions to consider and required information will have been added to a step during the sales process setup, based on what information you wants to capture.

Simply click on the step and follow the instructions to complete it the Stakeholder information requested.


From the Stakeholder Box

Scroll down to see 3 information boxes.  The stakeholders box is the middle box.

  1. Click on the relevant role 
  2. Choose Company and Contact from the drop down boxes.
  3. Click save

There are 5 stakeholder roles by default.  

  • Decision Maker
  • End User
  • Gatekeeper
  • Influencer
  • Problem Owner

* the title of stakeholders box and the stakeholder roles are decided during setup by your administrator and may have been named something else to suit your companies terminology


You can add multiple participants to a role (e.g. a 2nd or 3rd decision maker in the project) by completing the following:

  1. Click Add Participant 
  2. Choose the Company and Contact you require, and choose the role "decision maker"
  3. When finished, click save.

You can also add one participant to multiple roles (e.g. an individual that has more than one role in a project) by completing the above.

  1. Click Add Participant
  2. Choose the Company and a contact you have already assigned to a role and then choose the second role you wish to apply
  3. When finished, click save.

In the Activity Stream

Below the 3 boxes is the Activity Stream for the Sales Project. To the right of this is a list of Participants.  

  1. Clicking on Add Participant here will allow you to add a participant to the Sales Project
  2. Select Company
  3. Select Contact 
  4. Select Role 

*These participants may be active in the Sales Project, but not necessarily part of the main Stakeholders list.  For example: Testers, billing contact, office administrator.