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Creating a Prospecting Campaign

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Before a prospective client is ready to enter your sales pipeline, it needs to be properly qualified. If not, there is a risk that your pipeline gets filled with opportunities unlikely to close, chewing up both valuable time and resources. Many sales organizations struggle keeping their pipeline, clean, healthy and full of only qualified opportunities.

Here to help you with this is Membrains powerful Prospecting Campaigns.

You can set up different campaigns for different type of leads and prospects, with defined qualification criteria that need to be confirmed before the lead becomes a sales project. You can use these campaigns to segment between different lead sources (inbound, network events, outbound activities, social selling), different customer segments (product categories, new/existing business, industries) or something else completely. It's a very flexible approach, so let's take a look at how to create a prospecting campaign.

To help you get you started, we have created a tutorial video which goes through the steps below.  

Creating a Prospecting Campaign 

Administrators can create Prospecting Campaigns by going to: 

  1. System Setup - Prospecting Campaigns 
  2. Click on the New Prospecting Campaign at the bottom of the list
  3. Give your Prospecting Campaign a name by clicking on the text "New Prospecting Campaign" and typing in the box. The name should reflect the type of prospects you are looking to qualify; for example "Inbound Leads" or "Event Follow up". 

Take a shortcut to the Campaign editor by clicking on New Campaign in the campaign list, or edit an existing campaign by hovering over its name in the list until you see the pen icon and click on it. 

This brings you to the Prospecting Campaign editor, where you can give your new campaign a name, add Qualifiers, Rules, Categories and Events. You can also archive, export or clone a campaign from the toolbar to make managing multiple campaigns even easier.




Qualifiers are a great way to filter out the prospects that might not be worth pursuing, and to pinpoint the ones that have potential, based on certain criteria. Once the acceptable criteria has been identified (eg. industry type, big enough budget, territory), you can create them and add them to your prospecting campaign as questions to be asked when prospecting. 

Add Qualifier

  1. Click on "Add Qualifier"
  2. Choose a custom field to base this question on. A custom field is a list in Membrain that contains information about a certain subject.  
  3. For example: if you wish to target prospects from a certain industry, you can select certain industries which would qualify this prospect, and other industries that would disqualify.
  4. Or if you want to add a new custom field and record new information to use as a qualifier, click on the New Custom field link at the top of the window.  

Add Qualifier Group

You may wish to group certain qualifiers together.

For example: you may have one group with hard data (such as numbers, lists and similar) and one group with softer qualification criteria (free text answers that give more depth, but can't be quantified).

Add a group and the next qualifiers you create will automatically register under this section. You can also grab the handle bars on the left hand side to move this around.

Add Text Field

As part of your qualification process, you may wish that the prospect owner answers a question in free text.

For example: "What business results are they looking to achieve?" or "Why are they looking to change now?". 

Unlike the other qualifiers this will not turn red or green since Membrain can't quantify a text field and visualize if the outcome is good or bad.

Add Rules

As with sales projects you can add rules to your prospecting campaign. These rules will help sales people prioritize where they should spend their time, and which prospects to engage with.

Rules can be set on things such as time to first activity (useful for inbound or automatically generated leads). For more information, see our article about Rules in Membrain.

Add Categories

To help segment your prospect lists effectively, you can add categories. These can be used to separate cold leads from hot, or show where in the prospect qualification process it is in.

  1. Click on Add Category
  2. Enter a name:  if valuable, also enter a description that makes it easy for the sales person to understand when this category should be applied to a prospect

Status - Hot / Cold / Nurture
Process - First call completed - Demo booked - Demo completed

Add Events

Membrain has the capability to respond to events with automated actions and greatly simplify the workflow for both sales management and the sales team. These events can be used to notify somebody that they have been assigned a new lead through email, or to create a task for somebody to follow up within a certain time frame or similar.

To learn more about events, read the article about Automated Events.

Add Disqualify Reasons

Disqualify reasons are a listing of all the reasons why you might disqualify a prospect, and a great way to record and analyse this data in the future. As disqualify reasons can be used across multiple Campaigns, they are not setup in the individual setup for each campaign, but rather added at Admin level. 

To learn more about how to create Disqualify Reasons, read this article here Disqualify Reasons


Once you're happy with your new Prospecting Campaign, click on the Publish Campaign button to the right. You can always change your campaign at any time by going back into the Campaign editor and changing qualifiers, categories, rules and events.