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Email Setup - Using Your Own Email Client

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If you prefer to use a local email client installed on your PC or Mac such as Outlook or Apple Mail you can use that by selecting the "Local" option.

If you wish the use Gmail's own mail composer, that is also available as an option by selecting "Gmail".

*Note that several features in Membrain such as templates and read/click tracking are not available when using this setup. To find out how to access these features get the best out of Membrain, click here.


From your profile (bottom left) click on My Settings - Email

Enter the options shown below based on which email client you wish to use.


outlook_icon.JPG                 Standard Outlook mail setup:



gmail_icon.JPG                  Standard Gmail/Google mail setup:




Gmail has specific settings which you may need to be aware of when allowing Membrain access your Gmail account.

If you have issues setting up Gmail for use in Membrain, please read these articles from Google explaining some features that you may need to enable in order for this configuration to work.

Google 2 factor authentication. If you have enabled this for your Gmail account, you will need to generate an application specific password following the steps outlined here: 

App Passwords. A new security measure from Google means you will also need to specifically allow access to your account from Membrain. Details about how to do this are explained here: 


If you are still experiencing problems setting up your email within Membrain, please let us know by emailing us at