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Using Membrains Email Client with Your Mail Servers

How it works

Membrain contacts the users email server to send and receive email on their behalf. Connections are made via HTTPS using Exchange Web Services.


SSL/TLS are used to encrypt mail to allow for data integrity and communication security. ( Membrain also allow clear text email transfer for legacy servers but we strongly recommend using SSL/TLS at all times ).

If your email server does IP filtering

If the email server you have specified accepts connections only from specific IPs you will need to add the Membrain server your account is on to your white list. To find the IP address of your Membrain server you can use: nslookup {your_membrain_subdomain} from a windows command prompt.


Membrain servers authenticate to the users mail server using their email account username and password, which has been entered into Membrain during setup (see below)  

User Setup

Details below are required to enable this feature.  This form can be found under My Settings in Membrain.  

Whitelisting Membrain

If you use your own IMAP or SMTP servers and want to make sure that Membrain can communicate with them we recommend whitelisting "*". If that is not an option instead whitelist the IP of your specific membrain domain. You can get the IP (on windows) by following these steps:

  • From the windows menu, Run "cmd"
  • In the Command Prompt use "nslookup {mycompany}"
  • Use the IP shown in the section with Name: {mycompany}

Note that the IP address may change at any time, so if you can do whitelisting on a domain name level we do recommend doing that instead whenever possible.