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Setting up your Membrain account to use Membrains own email client is a great way to avail of all the additional email features Membrain has to offer. To learn more about these features, and learn about other email options read this article here


In order for Membrain to send email on your behalf, some technical details are required. Below are some examples of settings, depending on what type of email account you wish to connect to Membrains email client.

  1. From your profile (bottom left) click on My Settings - Email
  2. Click on the drop-down option for Email Client and choose Membrain. 
  3. Fill in the SMTP and IMAP settings as shown below, choose the option applies to you. 
  4. Once you've entered the correct details, click on test to check if the connection was successful
  5. Click save once you're happy its all set up! 

Outlook/Local Exchange Server

If you want to use Membrains email client, and connect to your Outlook account via a local Exchange Server you will need to input the specific Server names for both SMTP and IMAP. If you're unsure about what these are, ask your IT Contact who will be able to provide them for you. Below is an example of how your setting should look:


Gmail Account

If you want to use Membrains email client, and connect to your Gmail account you will use the following server credentials: 

SMTP Server name: 
Port 587
IMAP Server name: 
Port 993

Office365 Account

If you want to use Membrains email client, and connect to your Office365 account you will use the following server credentials:

SMTP Server name:
Port 587
IMAP Server name:
Port 993  


If you've gone through the setup steps above, but its not working, try these simple steps to troubleshoot:


I've entered my details, but when I try to Save or Test the connection I get the message "Unable to connect to your incoming mail server, please check your IMAP/SMTP settings.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Check the details you have entered are correct. This could be a problem with your username, password or server name you have entered. 
  2. Confirm that you are entering the password that you use for your email account, and not your Membrain password
  3. In some cases, your email address may need to be replaced by a Windows user domain name, eg: subdomain\username. It's best to confirm the details with your IT Contact
  4. If you have issues setting up Gmail for use in Membrain, please read these articles from Google explaining some features that you may need to enable in order for this configuration to work.
    2 factor authentication. If you have enabled this for your Gmail account, you will need to generate an application specific password following the steps outlined here:
    App Passwords. A new security measure from Google means you will also need to specifically allow access to your account from Membrain. Details about how to do this are explained here:

Technical Information

For additional technical information on how Membrains email client works, read this article here