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With Membrains Exchange/Office 365 and Google Calendar integration you can easily connect your personal calendar to Membrains Sales Calendar. 


To set up your calendar sync, click on your profile (bottom right) choose My Settings and then Calendar Sync. Then decide which calendar you would like to sync with. Membrain gives you two options:


  1. Click Add Google Calendar Sync.
  2. In the upper right corner of this box you can choose an account or "add account" if you wish to do so as well.
  3. You will see a list of Google calendars that you have access to, click on the one that you would like to sync with Membrain.
  4. Click on the Allow button to give Membrain access to your calendar.
  5. If requested, log in with your Google credentials.


  1. Click Add.
  2. Add Office365/Exchange Calendar Sync.
  3. Enter your username and password for your calendar account.
  4. Enter your Server URL details in the box provided. 
If you use Office 365 enter   If you use Exchange Calendar you may need to contact your IT Contact and ask for the correct URL details to connect to your Calendar. 

Private appointments

Don't want your colleagues to see the details of all your appointments that sync from your private calendar? We've got that covered too. When setting up the sync, you can choose to have all appointments sync as private. They will still show in your Membrain Sales Calendar, but the contents will not be visible to anyone. These will show as a slightly darker grey box as usual, but will also have an eye icon beside them to show that they are private.Sync_appointments_private.png


If you've gone through the setup steps above, but its not working, try these simple steps to troubleshoot:

Problem: With the Office365/Exchange sync, when I click on Save Account Settings, I get the message "Failed to validate access to the server with your credentials, please review your details".
Resolution: Check your username and password details you have entered are correct for your Office365 account/Exchange account. You can do this by verifying the details with your IT Contact, or by trying to log in manually to the Office365 portal.

Problem: My sync was working before, but now its just stopped. Why?
Resolution: This may be due to your credentials for your Calendar expiring or being changed. Double check your username and password and try again.   

Problem: I am getting reminders and notifications in my Google Calendar about meetings in Membrain I haven't even accepted!
Resolution: Google Calendar handles meeting reminders differently to most other calendar software out there. It will automatically add any invite from your inbox to your Google calendar even if you have not accepted it, and then send you notifications and reminders for that meeting.
If you are syncing your Google Calendar with Membrain this can obviously become cumbersome, so we suggest you edit this Google Calendar setting, and turn off notifications to avoid this. To learn how to do this, read the article Change or turn off Google Calendar notifications


Due to differences in how the calendars in Membrain and Google/Microsoft are handled, there are some limitations to the sync:

  • Appointments older than 30 days are not synced.
  • All day appointments can not by synced.
  • Attendees added in Office 365 are currently not synced due to Office supporting attendees that are only identified with an e-mail address - Membrain requires a Name, Company and E-mail address.
  • HTML content from Body in Office 365 is converted to plain text in Membrain.
  • Membrain supports two-way syncing of Appointments with your Office 365 Calendar, in the following format;
    Membrain   Office 365
    Contents <-> Subject + Body
    Location <-> Location
    Start / End <-> Start / End
    Participants   -> Attendees
    Recurrence   -> Recurrence