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Being able to work effectively and efficiently with email is a key component of any sales professional's work day. Membrain has several powerful capabilities that will enhance your email experience and keep track of those all important emails.  

Membrains Sales Inbox

Membrain Sales Inbox can be used with any mail account (Gmail, Exchange, etc.) and lets you access your Inbox from within Membrain in a unique and powerful way. Sales Inbox automatically highlights incoming emails related to Prospects and Sales Projects and makes it easy to save relevant conversations in Membrain.


Membrains Email Composer

If you choose to use Membrains email composer, you get access to several powerful capabilities including:

  • All correspondence is automatically recorded within Membrain, keeping all communication with the client in context and easy to find.
  • Include emails into your sales process as a step to save time, and make professional communications and follow ups with clients even easier.
  • Create and share email templates and email snippets with your colleagues, a big step towards ensuring communication with your clients is streamlined across the whole team.
  • Receive an alert from Membrain Guide when someone reads or clicks a link in your email.

Creating a new email

Writing a new email in Membrain couldn't be easier. Anywhere you see an email address, simply click on it and a new email window will pop up ready for you to start typing.  This might be from a Stakeholders list within a Sales Project, from a Prospect view, even from an email in the Activity Stream.  

Or create a new email any time directly from the Membrain Menu



This is the Write new email window in Membrains email client. From here you can do the following:


  • Select a template - These templates are pre-written emails that you or a colleague has composed in advance, to make sending emails easier.   
  • Add Recipients  - Based on where you have created this email from within Membrain, this may or may not already be populated.  Membrain will offer you options to add additional recipients from within the same company. 
  • The main body of the email you have the usual options you are familiar with, plus some extras including, add a link, clear formatting, insert Membrain Meet link and add a Snippet. These Snippets are small pieces of text, one or two liners that you often use that you can quickly insert to make typing an email even faster.
  • Send Email - click here once you're happy with your mail, but don't forget some last important information: Attach a file - Click here to attach a document to your email
  • Toggle on/off Save in Membrain - this option allows you to decide if you want this email to be saved into Membrain or not. If you turn this on (set as green) this email will be saved to the right context, i.e. the related contact, company and any sales projects or prospects. This email will then be visible in each corresponding activity stream, and also in the story stream. 
  • Email Tracking - with this handy function turned on, Membrain will let you know when your email has been read, and even when a link in your email has been clicked on. This information appears as it happens in Membrain Guide

Using Your Own Email Client

If you prefer, you can continue to use your own email client like Gmail or Outlook instead of Membrains built in email client. Using this setup, when you click on an email address in Membrain, you will be taken out of Membrain into Gmail or your locally installed email client (eg. Outlook) to compose the email. 

All your sent emails can still be saved in Membrain automatically. However, keep in mind that all the features mentioned above in Membrains Email Composer will not be available to you. 

 outlook_icon.JPG       gmail_icon.JPG   

To read a step by step guide on how to setup Gmail / Outlook etc in Membrain click here.


Using the bcc field

Another option to manage email is to simply use the bcc field when sending emails from your own email client, and automatically store them in Membrain.

This is a helpful way to ensure that any emails you send, regardless of how its sent, gets stored in the correct place in Membrain.

To learn how to do this, read this article here