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Being able to work effectively and efficiently with email is a key component of any sales professionals work day. Membrain has several powerful capabilities that will enhance your email experience and keep track of those all important emails.

When you connect Membrain to your email account you gain access to the Sales Inbox and you can start using Membrain to send emails faster and better than ever before.

The Benefits

  • All correspondence is automatically recorded within Membrain, keeping all communication with the client in context and easy to find.
  • Include emails into your sales process as a step to save time, and make professional communications and follow ups with clients even easier.
  • Prioritize your email with the Sales Inbox to stay on top of incoming email.
  • Use Sent Mail Insights to see how your contact engages with your email, including read and click tracking
  • Create and share email templates and email snippets with your colleagues, a big step towards ensuring communication with your clients is streamlined across the whole team.
  • Receive an alert from Membrain Guide when someone reads your email or clicks a link.
  • Reply to emails directly from Membrain in the Activity Stream of a project, prospect, company or contact.
  • Store multiple email addresses for one contact, to make following email conversations easy regardless of which email address your contact chooses to use.

Connect your Email to Membrain

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In order for Membrain to send email on your behalf and give you the Sales Inbox, some configuration is required. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to setup your email in Membrain.

NOTE: Is it not working for you? Please see the following article that will help you troubleshoot what could be causing those issues for you.


Other options

Using Your Own Email Client and Membrain 

If you prefer, you can continue to use your own email client such as Outlook or Apple Mail instead of Membrains built-in email client. To do that select the "Local" option in the "Email Composer" dropdown, just below where you connect your email account to Membrain.

Using this setup, when you click on an email address in Membrain, we'll trigger a standard email link on your computer which can be handled by any software you choose to compose the email. We'll also attempt to automatically add a unique BCC address to make sure everything you send is added automatically to Membrain (Note: this is supported by most, but not all email clients).

However, keep in mind that all the features mentioned above in Membrains Email Composer will not be available to you. 

Saving email to Membrain

If you're using the Membrain Email Composer to send emails those emails will be saved into Membrain by default. They will then end up in all the right places automatically based on the recipients email address, their company, if they are stakeholders in any active sales projects and so on.

The same is true if you have connected your email to Membrain and are using Membrain Go to send emails.

Another option to manage email is to simply use the BCC field when sending emails from your own email client, and automatically store them in Membrain. This is a helpful way to ensure that any emails you send, regardless of how its sent, gets stored in the correct place in Membrain.