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When working with complex sales projects or prospects, you need to identify and engage a number of people in order to convert a prospect or close a deal. The people you need to identify will all have different Roles in the project or prospect.  

An example of a Role might be Decision Maker, Influencer, IT contact or Financial contact etc.

How Roles Work

The Stakeholders (people of interest) in a Sales Project or Prospect are assigned a Role, to help you get a clear picture of who is involved and how they might affect the outcome.


When configuring your sales process or prospect engagement playbook for the first time in Membrain, you will be provided with some default Roles that you can either keep or replace with your own roles.

Managing Roles

Administrators of Membrain can add roles. 

  1. Profile Picture (bottom left)
  2. System Setup
  3. Sales Projects - Roles


 From here, you can:

  • See the list of roles and which sales processes, prospect engagement playbook they currently are being used in 
  • Delete an unused role by clicking on the x icon to the right of the role you wish to delete
  • Edit a role by clicking into it and renaming it
  • Add a new role by clicking on the New Role button in the top right
If a role is currently in use in a process, you will not be able to delete it until it has been removed from this process.