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When you have multiple contacts that you need to send emails to with similar content, it can be time consuming to say the least. That's why the template feature is so loved in Membrain. Templates take the pain out of this task and make working with email a breeze.

Templates (and also Snippets) can be created by anyone and either kept private or shared with the rest of the team - a great way to save time and also ensure that everyone in the team is contacting clients using the same consistently high standards of communication.   


A template is a pre-written email which is personalized before sending out to your contacts. Using templates saves you writing and rewriting the same emails, for example followup emails after a meeting, or sending out information about your company. These templates are shareable with your colleagues and free up valuable time for you to focus on more important tasks.  

Using Templates

To write an email using a preexisting template, on New email from the email icon in the toolbar, or click on an email address anywhere in Membrain.  
From the new Email Composer window

  1. Click on Select Template at the top of the window
  2. Choose which template you would like to use. The predefined email template is loaded to your new email, including any personalizations which are shown in green. Loading an e-mail template will replace any subject or content you may have already typed.
  3. Add your recipient or recipients. You can edit or add additional text to this email, attach a file or use any other features available to you before you send it. 
  4. Click send and this email will be sent to all recipients, including all personalized information from the insertions. 
A personalization is a placeholder which will automatically populate with specific information from Membrain before the email is sent. These personalizations are configured when you create your template. Examples of personalizations are Recipient First Name, Recipient Company Name, Sender Full Name, Signature etc. 

When emailing a group of recipients using personalizations, it's important to understand the difference between the BCC and Unique options for sending

  • When using any personalizations, always use unique option, unless you're sending to just one person. Unique recipients will not see each other's email addresses, nor the personalized information related to anyone else
  • BCC cannot be used for personalization at all and should be used mostly to keep a colleague or similar up to date on something, and you don't want the main recipient to see that you're adding that recipient.

Creating a Template

Creating templates is easy using Membrain's Template Creator.

While in a new email:

  1. Click Select Template and then
  2. Click New Template. From here you can name the Template, make it available to just you (me) or everyone.
  3. Enter a Subject for the template. 
  4. Start typing in the main body of the email. This is where you add the magic to your template.
  5. Insert personalizations here to target individuals when you use this template.
  6. Include useful content from the Content Hub, e.g. a case study, link to your website or a video. Simply search for what you're looking for in the black Content Hub panel to the right and insert it into your email
  7. Or manually add a link or attach a document 
  8. Once you're happy with your template, click save. It will now be available for you or your team to select from the template list.


For more information on creating templates, watch the video tutorial available in System Setup - Email Templates. 

Editing and Copying Templates

To edit or make a copy of a preexisting Template, just hover of the template name in the template list until you see the pen icon and click on it. This brings you into the template editor where you can make your changes and save the original, save a new version with a new name, or delete the template.


Membrain Admins can see and manage all templates from the admin area of Membrain - System Setup - Email Templates. Learn more in this article Template and Snippet Management.