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Sales is a results based profession.  Setting up achievable goals in Membrain helps you focus on whats important and monitor your progress as you work towards these goals.    

With Membrains Goal editor, you can setup goals for yourself, assign overall sales goals for your teams, as well as apply other key metrics that will help motivate everyone to reach their targets.


Setting up Goals

Administrators of Membrain can set up goals for users. 

  1. Click on the Profile Picture, System Setup, User Management
  2. Click on the Manage button, or directly on the user profile picture to go directly to that users card
  3. Click on “Add goal” for the relevant person in the user list

A dialog will pop up that has 3 categories:

  • Sales Goal - the ultimate revenue target.
  • Effectiveness Objective - this helps you breakdown the sales goal into a win rate percentage.
  • Activity Goal - These are what you use to achieve No. 1+2

Sales Goals

  1. Click on "New Sales Goal" to select the correct sales process in the drop down list for which you’d like to add goals OR leave it set to All Sales Processes 
  2. Select Sales Goal Type
  3. Click on the month for which you would like to enter the sales goal. 
  4. You can choose to enter a weekly or monthly or quarterly sales quota via the drop down list
  5. Enter the amount and click save 

Effectiveness Objectives

After adding the sales quota, you may have other goals you want to be able to track and benchmark for your team.

As above, click on New Effectiveness Objective and tick the items in the list that you wish to apply goals for. Once ticked, click save and these will be displayed so you can enter the values you want your team to achieve.

In %, how many opportunities is each sales person expected to convert?

In monetary terms, what is the average deal size that your sales reps should have for their sales projects

How many sales projects should each sales person win per month?

For this sales process, what weighted pipeline value (sales project value x probability in %) should a sales rep have each month?

For this sales process, what should the total pipeline value (i.e active opportunities) be for an individual sales rep each month?

Fairly self-explanatory: how long should it take for a sales rep to close a deal, from the time it enters the pipeline until the contract is signed?

How many opportunities should each sales rep have in the pipeline every month

Activity Goals

Here, you can select the activity levels your sales reps should adhere to when working on an opportunity. Two important things to consider before you enter goals:

  1. All activities you have entered in the sales process will be automatically logged when the sales rep completes a step where an activity is required (first call, first meeting etc)
  2. These activity goals are restricted to the active opportunities for the sales process chosen in the drop down. Hence, these should not include activity goals for prospecting, account management or regular meetings with partners or re-sellers.

Some Examples

  • Number of Sales Projects won - The actual number of clients you bring on-board is important. And since the goal is set up individually for each process, it's an easy and powerful way to track things like new sales compared to up-selling to your existing customer base).
  • Specific Campaigns - If you have a very specific prospecting campaign (such as following up after an event, a webinar, or measuring a specific lead source) you can break them down into specific campaigns and measure the outcomes and activities on that specific campaign. You can use this to drive short-term initiatives with a clear start and stop, as well as continued, sustainable efforts on a specific segment of your market.
  • New Prospects created - So you can track the earliest possible progress in your sales process
  • Prospects converted to sales projects -So you can track how many prospects have been converted to Sales Projects
  • Total activity - Instead of just specific types, which makes it easier to set up. 
  • Number of Sales Projects - How many active sales projects you need to have at any point in time (a tried-and-true risk distribution strategy)
  • Number of companies in contact with - One of the easiest metrics to track and a great "buzz"-meter. Are we getting "out there" and touching a large enough number of prospective clients when we're building pipeline?

See the Results

There are lots of places you can track how well you and your team are doing, compared to the goals that have been set. Visualizing your every step on the journey, showing you that you are safely on the path to reaching or exceeding your goals. 

All goals with weekly targets can easily be tracked from the Story Stream. They will also be reported on in the weekly pipeline emails sent to the individual sales people as well as the team coach.

Within Membrain it shows itself as a small popup in the bottom-right of your screen every time you achieve something that is tied to your Effectiveness Objectives. When you reach a goal for the week Membrain celebrates with you.

And what about when you win a deal?

Membrain now shows a dialogue that visualizes how much this helps you get closer to - or exceed(!) - your quota. From this dialogue you can choose to see the sales project you just closed, go to the dashboard to go for the next big win or take some time for reflection by going to the sales analytics view.

How do I know if I have any goals like that?

If you have administrative privileges you can go to the Admin page in the Membrain menu and click on the "Manage" found under the Users headline on the right-hand side of that view.

If your sales team users have a red text that says "Add Goal" instead of a number indicating their quota, they are likely without proper metrics.