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Arranging meetings with clients can be time consuming, and when you add cancellations, re-scheduling phone calls and even different time zones to the mix, things can get really confusing.

That's where Membrain Meet comes into its own. Its an easy to use scheduling service which allows you to invite your clients to pick a date and time to meet, that suits them best.  

With this feature enabled, you can allow clients to request an appointment in your Calendar, via a shared webpage. This webpage gives your client time slot options, which are based on the free times available in your Membrain Sales Calendar along with the predefined settings you apply when setting up Membrain Meet.

Don't worry, your appointment details are never visible. Only emtpy time slots (or appointments marked as Free) are shown to the client

Client experience

When your client clicks on your link to Membrain Meet, they choose the following:

  • the duration they would like to meet with you.
  • the timezone they are in.
  • which date they would like to meet.
  • which time slot is best suited to them.
  • how they would like to connect (eg, via phone, in person or online meetings such as Skype or Zoom)



How to set up Membrain Meet

  1. Click on your profile picture (bottom left) and go to My Settings. 
  2. Click on Membrain Meet and tick the Enable box.
  3. Apply the settings that suit you best. You can set available durations, how many slots to make available for each day, choose to automatically accept a meeting, as well other options.
  4. Once you're happy with your settings, click save.
The url is the address you can share with your clients, add it to your email signature so its always on hand




Additional settings

There are also additional settings you can add which will block out days or times which you do not want to ever offer as available time slots, even if you have space in your calendar. For example, lunchtime as seen here between 12 and 1pm.  And also nothing before 8am or after 5pm. 

These predefined times you are available for meetings are configured simply by clicking on or off the green boxes which represent one hour in time. 

Ways to meet

You can also offer options of how you would like this meeting to take place, i.e. over a phone call or via a Zoom meeting.  These are called ways to meet, and other options can be added to here. Your selections are then visible to your contact in a drop-down list when they're booking the meeting with you.